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You are currently on the listing page of the Toyota Tacoma for sale on In the following session, you will be offered a quick review of the Toyota Tacoma including its outstanding features, mechanical specifications as well as some of its pros and cons. Furthermore, you can also be informed of the updated prices of the vehicle in Nigeria and the location to purchase the best Toyota Tacoma for sale in Nigeria.

Toyota Tacoma Nigeria: Is it a good car?

The Toyota Tacoma receives its power from two engine options: 2.7 L 2TR-FE I4 and 3.5 L 2GR-FKS V6. While the former can deliver 159 hp, the latter can produce 278 HP. The transmission duties are undertaken by a 5-speed MT, 6-speed AT, or 6-speed MT.  The Tacoma measures 5,392 mm in length, 1,890 - 1,910 mm in width and 1,793 in height with a 3,236 mm wheelbase.

Being a decent compact pickup truck, the Toyota Tacoma comes with many off-road performance features in TRD models and decent hauling capability. It is also equipped with a responsive infotainment system that supports Amazon Alexa, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Moreover, the car is also equipped with a moonroof, two-zone automatic climate control and push-button start, etc. Nevertheless, the engine should be more powerful and delivers a smoother ride and more amber rear-seat space.

The Toyota Tacoma price ranges from $26,150 to $44,075. The Toyota Tacoma is lightweight and efficient with an EPA-estimated 20 MPG in the city and 23 MPG on the highway. Despite having quite a few pros, the Toyota Tacoma also suffers from several cons.

Toyota Tacoma pros and cons


  • Great modification potentialities

  • Durability

  • Great off-road capability

  • Excellent resale value


  • Ageing styling

The Tacoma competes against the Ford Ranger which has a powerful turbo-four motor which is more powerful than all of those in the Tacoma. The Ranger also has a more aggressive starting price than the Toyota and better fuel mileage. Moreover, the Toyota Tacoma has better off-road capabilities and a wider range of standard features. Another rival of the Tacoma is the Honda Ridgeline. While the former has better off-road capabilities, the latter focuses more on refinement and comfort.

Toyota Tacoma price in Nigeria

The Toyota Tacoma price in Nigeria starts from ₦2,250,000 and goes up to ₦22,500,000. Below is a table which shows some of the most popular Toyota Tacoma models along with its Tokunbo and Nigerian-used prices.

 No. Toyota Tacoma most popular models   Tokunbo prices Nigerian-used prices 
 1  Toyota Tacoma 2004  -   ₦1,000,000 - ₦3,100,000
 2  Toyota Tacoma 2007  ₦6,500,000  ₦2,850,000 - ₦7,000,000
 3  Toyota Tacoma 2008  -  ₦2,650,000 - ₦8,800,000
 4  Toyota Tacoma 2016  ₦9,800,000 -   ₦9,930,000 - 


 5  Toyota Tacoma 2017  -  ₦10,500,000

Which are the cheapest Toyota Tacoma in Nigeria?

The table below shows the most affordable Toyota Tacoma for sale on along with their prices.

 No.  Cheapest Toyota Tacoma Tokunbo prices Nigerian-used prices
 1  Toyota Tacoma 2002  -  From ₦1,200,000
 2  Toyota Tacoma 2004  -  From ₦1,850,000
 3  Toyota Tacoma 2003  -  From ₦2,100,000
 4  Toyota Tacoma 2001  -  From ₦2,750,000
 5  Toyota Tacoma 2008  -  From ₦3,200,000

Where and how to buy and sell the best Toyota Tacoma for sale in Nigeria?

Thanks to the availability of online auto portals, nowadays, you can purchase and sell your car with just a few clicks while still at home. is one such platform which offers a wide range of cars for sale in Nigeria. 

To buy a Toyota Tacoma, please access our Cars for sale section, use our user-friendly filtering tool. In this case, set the Brand as Toyota and the Model as Tacoma, then a wide range of Toyota Tacoma which have been organized according to their prices, colours, manufacturing years, locations, etc. will be shown to you. Please have a look at all of the options. When you have found your favourite one, please find the contact information of the seller/dealer in the listing, contact him/her and do the money transaction by yourself.

Toyota Tacoma owners/sellers can also advertise their cars on our website with only a small fee and stand a good chance of selling their cars shortly. You just need to choose one of our three listing packages and then do as guided to post car listings on our website. After that, you can stay at home and then wait for the customers to contact you so that two of you can discuss with each other and agree on the deal. Nevertheless, before this, you need to make sure that your car is in perfect condition by properly repairing an cleaning it.

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