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You are currently on the listing page of the Toyota Sequoia for sale on This page will provide you with a wide array of Toyota Sequoia for sale in Nigeria. In the following session, you will be informed of a review of the Toyota Sequoia including its pros and cons, some of its outstanding features and its mechanical specifications. Moreover, you can also discover Toyota Sequoia price in Nigeria and the location to buy and sell the cheapest Toyota Sequoia in Nigeria.

Toyota Sequoia Nigeria: Is it a good car?

Toyota Sequoia review

The latest-gen Toyota Sequoia witnesses the addition of the new Nightshade variant which comes with 20-inch wheels, darkened chrome on the grille, side trim, door handles and car badges. The Sequoia Nightshade also features black leather seat coverings. The car is offered with three paint scheme options: Midnight Black, Magnetic Gray and Wind Chill Pearl.

The Toyota Sequoia continues to disappoint car customers with too colourful controls and cheap-looking plastics. However, the large knobs and conspicuous buttons are functional. Some modern features like a head-up display, a heated steering wheel and massaging front seats are still absent on this car. Fortunately, the cabin is amber with comfortable legroom in all three rows and the third row properly accommodating adults. The SUV can hold a decent amount of luggage and has sufficient cubby storage to offer both the driver and the passengers a convenient journey. The SUV is equipped with a 7.0-inch touchscreen infotainment system that supports Android Auto and Apple CarPlay connectivity. An upgraded JBL audio system is also available, which serves as the rear-seat entertainment system. The SUV comes with some standard safety features including adaptive cruise control, lane-departure warning and automated emergency braking.

The Sequoia receives its power from only one engine option: a 381-HP V-8 motor mated to a 6-speed AT. The SUV comes with both an RWD or 4WD system, depending on the variants. The claimed fuel mileage of the Sequoia is 13 mpg and 17 mpg in the city and on the high way, respectively. The car measures 205.1 inches in length, 79.9 inches in width and 77.0 inches in height with a 122.0-inch wheelbase.

Toyota Sequoia price and competition

The Sequoia is priced from $51,765 (price in the US without the import tax). At this price range, the SUV competes against the Ford Expedition and Chevrolet Tahoe. The Ford Expedition comes with a composed ride and a fruitful twin-turbo V-6 engine. The Chevrolet Tahoe are very practical although the high-spec variants are pricey. 

Toyota Sequoia pros and cons


  • Amber third seat row

  • Numerous standard driver-assistance technologies

  • Powerful V-8 engine


  • Dull interior

  • Unrefined ride

  • Bad fuel mileage

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Toyota Sequoia price in Nigeria

The Toyota Sequoia price ranges from ₦1,280,000 to ₦6,550,000. Below is a table that shows some of the most popular Toyota Sequoia model years along with their prices on

 No.  Toyota Sequoia model years  Tokunbo prices Nigerian-used prices 
 1  Toyota Sequoia 2004  -  ₦1,280,000 - ₦3,500,000
 2  Toyota Sequoia 2001  -  ₦2,800,000
 3  Toyota Sequoia 2003  -  ₦3,150,000
 4  Toyota Sequoia 2006  ₦3,800,000  ₦4,950,000
 5  Toyota Sequoia 2008  -  ₦3,600,000
 6  Toyota Sequoia 2009  -  ₦6,550,000

Which are the cheapest Toyota Sequoia for sale in Nigeria?

The most affordable Toyota Sequoia for sale in Nigeria include the Toyota Sequoia 2005, Toyota Sequoia 2002, Toyota Sequoia 2006, Toyota Sequoia 2008 and Toyota Sequoia 2012. The table below shows the prices of these models on

No.  Cheapest Toyota Sequoia  Tokunbo prices Nigerian-used prices
 1  Toyota Sequoia 2005  -  From ₦1,450,000
 2  Toyota Sequoia 2002  -  From ₦1,450,000
 3  Toyota Sequoia 2006  -  From ₦4,950,000
 4  Toyota Sequoia 2008  -  From ₦3,600,000
 5  Toyota Sequoia 2012  From ₦12,500,000  -

Where and how to buy and sell Toyota Sequoia for sale in Nigeria?

Nowadays, thanks to the online auto portals, we do not need to go to physical auto markets to look for cars. All you need to do is to stay at home and enjoy the convenience of online car buying. 

To purchase a Toyota Sequoia for sale with, one of the leading online car portals in Nigeria, just access the Cars for sale section, set the Brand filter as Toyota, the Model filter as Sequoia, then a wide list of Toyota Sequoia will be shown to you. You just need to further sort out the cars by using different criteria such as production years, colours, price ranges, etc.              Once having found your favourite car, you can contact the seller/dealer and do the transactions by yourself.   

To sell your Toyota Sequoia for sale with, you can advertise it on the website by posting a listing. Just choose a listing package in our three packages and then do according to guidelines. After that, the only thing you need to do is to wait for the potential customers to contact you and then you can have a discussion with each other about the car's price, condition and parts. However, before all of these things, you need to make sure that the car is in perfect condition by properly cleaning and repairing it carefully before putting it on sale.

We would also like to provide you with some general tips to make a wise car buying decision.

  • Budgeting: Consider your budget, do not let yourself go bankrupt after buying a car;

  • Considering your demands and interests;

  • Carefully inspecting your car and its related documents;

  • Beware of car scams

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