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Toyota Picnic for sale

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Welcome to, one of the most powerful online car shopping platforms in the country. With our advanced search tools, your plan to buy Toyota Picnic in Nigeria is now just a piece of cake!

As its name suggests, the Toyota Picnic (aka Toyota Ipsum, Sportsvan or Toyota Avensis Verso) is aptly designed for long-haul family trips. It succeeded to Toyota Prius and later was replaced by Toyota Verso in European market. With either engine option of petrol or diesel, these Toyota cars deliver a reliable horsepower figure which helps the model reach 100 kph from rest in exactly 10.8s.

We must say any Toyota Picnic for sale in Nigeria, regardless of brand new or Tokunbo (foreign used) Picnic, can tickle all drivers’ fancy by the impressive figure of fuel economy when the petrol engine is calculated to consume only 9 to 9.5 liters in a long 100km while the diesel engine only needs 7.7 liters to travel the same range. Fuel economy is always the trademark of all Toyota cars worldwide.

Even though Toyota Picnic isn’t as popular as Toyota Camry (Orobo, Pencil, Big Daddy or Muscle), Toyota Avalon (Long John) or Toyota Corolla (First Lady), for those who prioritize eco-friendliness, this compact MPV should definitely be in their considerations. The Toyota Picnic CO2 emissions are rated between 215 and 232 g/km. This number might vary a bit in foreign used (tokunbo) or Nigerian used Toyota Picnic.

For each listing, there show the Toyota Picnic model pictures revealing both interior and exterior. Also on the top of a listing page are the specifications showing featured details of the car.

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The same model listing section below each listing should be given credit. Make sure to discover it all to augment your chances of finding the best Toyota Picnic at cheap price and making a good deal of a Picnic for yourself! Check out the newest price of Picnic as your reference.

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