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This display shows a wide range of authentic and affordable Toyota Hilux for sale available on Naijauto. Here, you will get all the required information on prices(brand new/tokunbo), specifications, reviews, and trusted locations to buy used Toyota Hilux on sale

Toyota Hilux for sale in Nigeria: Is it a good car?

The Toyota Hilux has garnered a great reputation for dependability and has evolved over the decades to get better and better, the Hilux has a reputation as being one of the most reliable vehicles on the road. The Toyota Hilux offers a smooth diesel engine, carries big loads comfortably, and tows very well. It Hilux is reasonably economical, but some rivals are cheaper to run. It shows an impressive performance with a towing capability of 3.5 tons and loading ability up to about 2,300 pounds in its bed. It is definitely a good buy. 

The Toyota Hilux competes against the Nissan Navara and the Ford Ranger. While the Navara has an absorbing and higher bumper, a modern cabin and a turbocharged oil burner, the Ranger is one of the best-looking pick-ups in Nigeria and a well-equipped cabin.

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Toyota Hilux Front-Side View

Toyota Hilux: Versions & Fuel Economy

The table below shows the brand-new Toyota Hilux price in Nigeria according to its variants.


Version Name

Fuel Consumption 

Brand New Price


Toyota Hilux Single Cab  




Toyota Hilux Extra Cab 




Toyota Hilux Double Cab 



Toyota Hilux Interior

The interior has a 7.0” touchscreen and 4.2i” information display in front of the driver. The Hilux feels sophisticated inside.  All models feature a USB and auxiliary inputs, steering mounted controls and includes Bluetooth and rear parking cameras.


Toyota Hilux Dashboard

Toyota Hilux Exterior

Toyota Exterior features 18” alloy wheels and boasts a completely sleek and dynamic appearance. The front fascia comes adorned with a sloped-downward bonnet and upward front bumpers, both concentrating towards the slatted and curved grille which is combined with big wraparound headlamps. The Hilux prides with not only having cool functionality but having a good shape also. The Toyota Hilux measures 5,325 mm in length, 1,900 mm in width and 1,795 mm in height with a 3,085 mm wheelbase.

Toyota Hilux Pros and Cons

Some of the most common problems peculiar to the Toyota Hilux models can be seen below.


  • Interior feels well built
  • Very decent to drive 
  • Impressively roust
  • Its towing Capacity 


  • Higher trim levels are expensive
  • Automatic gearbox is uninspiring
  • Size makes manoeuvring tricky

Toyota Hilux Price in Nigeria

 The price of Toyota Hilux in Nigeria ranges from ₦3,500,000 to ₦31,500,000. Below are the prices of some commonly used Toyota Hilux models in Nigeria.


 Toyota Hilux model years

Tokunbo prices 

Nigerian-used prices 


 Toyota Hilux 2016


 ₦15,500,000 - ₦18,500,000


 Toyota Hilux 2018

  ₦17,500,000 -  ₦23,000,000

 ₦11,500,000 -  ₦18,500,000


 2020 Hilux price in Nigeria



 ₦22,000,000 - ₦31,500,000


 Toyota Hilux 2015

  ₦10,900,000 -  ₦19,000,000

 ₦6,600,000 -  ₦15,300,000


 Toyota Hilux 2010

  ₦5,700,000 -  ₦10,000,000

 ₦3,500,000 - ₦8,000,000


How and where to buy Toyota Hilux for sale online

You definitely have a sophisticated taste when choosing Toyota Hilux, among all models of Toyota, it has always been the most sought-after. It might be a bit of a challenge to buy a cheap Toyota Hilux on sale in Nigeria, but with our user-friendly interface and powerful search engine on, you wouldn't break a sweat.  Look through our guidelines for buying cars online for tips on buying your new/used Toyota Hilux. We have trusted dealers across the country, including Lagos, Abuja & Port-Harcourt. Find your dealer today!

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