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For this Toyota Highlander 2008 model, there is an entire transformation from the world of the preceding Highlanders for sale. Its interior and exterior designs are great improvements on the former models. Just like every other model preceding it, it comes in the Base, sports, hybrid and Limited versions. There is a list of Toyota Highlander 2008 for sale available on Naijauto.

In the following, you will be provided with the specifications of the Toyota Highlander 2008 versions, its price in Nigeria, some of its exterior and interior images, its pros and cons as well as how and where to buy the cheapest Toyota Highlander 2008 for sale in Nigeria.

Toyota Highlander 2008 for sale: Versions and Specifications

The features of the different available trim levels are shown in the table below.


Version Name

Body Type



Fuel Consumption


Toyota Highlander Base 2008



V6 - Petrol

24 MPG


Toyota Highlander Sport 2008



V6 - Petrol

24 MPG


Toyota Highlander Limited 2008



V6 - Petrol

24 MPG

Toyota Highlander 2008 Price in Nigeria

The price of Toyota Highlander 2008 in Nigeria ranges from ₦2,600,000 to ₦8,300,000. The table below shows the Highlander 2008 price in Nigeria in both of its Tokunbo and Nigerian-used versions.

 Brand model year

 Toyota Highlander 2008

 Toyota Highlander 2008 Tokunbo price in Nigeria

 ₦3,000,000 - ₦8,300,000

 Nigerian-used Toyota Highlander 2008 Price in Nigeria

 ₦2,600,000 - ₦5,200,000

Toyota Highlander 2008 Model Pictures

View the interior features and the exterior body of the 2008 Toyota Highlander in the pictures below. 


Toyota Highlander 2008 Front-Side View


Toyota Highlander 2008 back View


Toyota Highlander 2008 Dashboard


Toyota Highlander 2008 Engine

Toyota Highlander 2008 Pros & Cons

Based on user experience, the 2008 Toyota Highlander comes with a lot of advantages and also a few cons. You can view the full Toyota Highlander 2008 review, while a few would be listed below.


  • Highway Acceleration
  • Interior design and rebrand
  • Towing ability
  • Seating space for seven
  • Efficient fuel economy


  • Confusing control options
  • Some trims are quite expensive

Where and how to buy a cheap Toyota Highlander 2008 for sale?

A trustworthy location to get your cheap and affordable used Highlander 2008 for sale in Nigeria is on, the leading website where automobile transactions are concerned. With numerous trusted dealers all over the country, we provide the best options you can think of.

The process is very simple and easy. You just need to go to the Cars for sale section of our website, set the Brand as Toyota, the Model as Highlander and the Year as 2008, then a wide range of Toyota Highlander 2008 for sale will be presented to you. The next step is to find your ideal car, get the seller's contact information, contact him/her and do all the transactions by yourself. Toyota Highlander 2008 dealers/owners can also choose one in our three listing packages to post their car listing and stand a good chance of selling their cars shortly.

For the best customer experience, we have compiled a list of important tips for buying cars in Nigeria. Check it out. Generally, you should follow the below tips to make sure that your whole buying process is a safe and good one.

  • Consider your budget, do not let yourself run into debt after buying a car;
  • Take your demands and interests into account so that you can find the most suitable car for yourself;
  • Carefully test the car, a test drive is highly recommended. You should also have a professional mechanic check it for you to make sure that all pasts of the car is properly operating;
  • Check all the car-related documents carefully;
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  • Never pay any money in advance.

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