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Foreign Used Toyota Highlander 2013
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Foreign Used Toyota Highlander 2013

Lagos Mainland, Lagos


Lagos Mainland, Lagos

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You are welcome to where you will see various Toyota for sale and get concise details on how Toyota came about in Nigeria, the popular Toyota models, best Toyota cars on sale and other relevant information you may need to know about this terrific car brand.

Toyota cars for sale in Nigeria: Are Toyota cars good?

The Toyota company was established in 1937 by Kiichiro Toyoda, a Japan company which has stood the test of time, and now stands as the largest automaker in Japan and the world's largest car manufacturer. The company is also the first one in the world to manufacture over 10 million cars per year. The company is the world's leading automaker in the production of hybrid electric vehicles and also one of the pioneers in the mass-market adoption of hybrid cars all over the world.

Introduced in 1965, Toyota Nigeria Limited is the sole distributor of the brand in Nigeria. It markets Toyota vehicles that have been specifically made for the Nigerian populace via the seven authorized dealers across the country. Compared to other brands, the consideration for Nigerian roads and the environment has made it emerge the top choice among Nigerians, as it is durable, saves fuel and is extremely reliable. This explains why every Nigerian is interested in Toyota for sale Nigeria.

Which are the Most Popular Toyota Models in Nigeria?

In Nigeria, the most popular Toyota models include the Toyota Camry 2008, Toyota Highlander 2008, Toyota Corolla 2006, Toyota Venza 2010, Toyota RAV4 2008, Toyota Hiace 2010, Toyota Highlander 2008 and Toyota 4-Runner 2010. These models are more popular among car users, due to price, body design, and availability. Here, you shall view a compiled list of such models and their listings based on availability with trusted Toyota dealers on Naijauto.


Brand Model Year

Number of Listings


Toyota Camry 2008



Toyota Highlander 2008



Toyota Corolla 2006



Toyota Venza 2010



Toyota RAV4 2008



Toyota Hiace 2010



Toyota Highlander 2008



Toyota 4-Runner 2010


What are Updated Toyota Price in Nigeria?

The Toyota price list ranges from ₦10,760,704 for the Toyota Yaris, which is the cheapest Toyota car to around ₦55,352,337 for the Toyota Land Cruiser, which is the most expensive Toyota car in the price list of the Japanese automaker.

The above-mentioned prices of Toyota in Nigeria are for the brand-new cars imported from the USA. However, in Nigeria, the cars are usually imported to be used as Tokunbo cars or Nigerian-used ones with different prices. The table below list some of the most popular used Toyota cars for sale in Nigeria with their Tokunbo and Nigerian-used prices on The models include Toyota Camry, Toyota Corolla, Toyota Highlander, Toyota Sienna, Toyota Venza, Toyota Matrix, Toyota Avalon and Toyota Hilux.


Popular Toyota cars




Toyota Camry 

₦1,100,000 ₦4,900,000                     

₦290,000 -₦15,500,000


Toyota Corolla

₦1,100,000 - ₦3,700,000

₦600,000- ₦20,500,000


Toyota Highlander


₦1,200,000- ₦18,000,000

₦1,450,000 - ₦36,000,000


Toyota Sienna

₦599,999 - ₦16,500,000

₦1,100,000 - ₦6,900,000


Toyota Venza

₦2,800,000 - ₦7,500,000

₦3,450,000 - ₦9,900,000


Toyota Matrix

₦1,400,000 - ₦1,400,000

₦565,000 - ₦3,100,000


Toyota Avalon

₦1,600,000 - ₦8,600,000

₦1,250,000 - ₦32,000,000


Toyota Hilux

₦3,700,000- ₦26,600,000

₦1,450,000 - ₦26,000,000

Where to find cheap Toyota in Nigeria?

Nowadays, there are many car online platforms that offer a wide range of new and used Toyota for sale online. is one of them. Here, car buyers and sellers are connected with each other via various information channels: Whatsapp, Youtube, Facebook, Web, etc. We provide car enthusiasts with all the car-related information in the Nigerian auto market and also all over the world. On the website, a car for sale session is available and offers the car sellers a platform to advertise their cars and the car buyers a market to choose their favourites cars. Therefore, if you are interested in any cheap Toyota on sale, please pay a visit to

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