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The Toyota Corolla 2006 for sale comes in the form of a compact sedan and it is the only body style offering for the model year. The LE, Sport and CE are equipped with a 1.8-litre four-cylinder engine producing 126 horsepower while the XRS receives a 164-horsepower engine. There are no significant changes to the 2006 Toyota Corolla when compared to the models preceding it. In the following session, you will be provided with the specifications of all the versions of the Toyota Corolla 2006, its price in Nigeria, some of its exterior and interior pictures, its reviews and problems as well as where and how to find the cheapest Toyota Corolla 2006 on sale in Nigeria.

Toyota Corolla 2006 for sale in Nigeria: Versions and Specifications

The table below displays all the versions available on Naijauto, which was manufactured in the year 2006.


Version Name

Body Type



Fuel Consumption 


Toyota Corolla LE 4dr




26-30 MPG


2006 Toyota Corolla CE 4dr




26-30 MPG


2006 Toyota Corolla S 4dr




26-30 MPG


2006 Toyota Corolla XRS




29 MPG

Toyota Corolla 2006 Price in Nigeria

The price of Toyota Corolla 2006 ranges from ₦850,000 to ₦2,600,000. See the table below to have an idea of the average Corolla 2006 price in Nigeria in both its Tokunbo and Nigerian-used versions.


 Toyota Camry 2008

 Nigerian-used Toyota Corolla 2006 price in Nigeria

 ₦850,000 - ₦2,600,000

 Tokunbo price Toyota Corolla 2006 price in Nigeria

 ₦1,500,000 - ₦2,600,000

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2006 Toyota Corolla Model Pictures

See below pictures of the model below and also, check the comprehensive Toyota Corolla 2006 review on Naijauto.


2006 Toyota Corolla Front-Side View


2006 Toyota Corolla Back View


2006 Toyota Corolla Dashboard


2006 Toyota Corolla Engine

2006 Toyota Corolla: Reviews & Problems

For the Toyota Corolla, the Japanese automaker does not adopt a unique design or an impressive performance for its flagship car. Instead, to make the Corolla outstanding from other sedans and attractive to millions of car customers, a conservative but appealing design, impressive fuel mileage and an aggressive price are utilized.

See below some disadvantages and problems of the 2006 Toyota Corolla 


  • High-quality and roomy interior
  • Outstanding gas mileage and crash test scores
  • Long list of safety features
  • Illustrious reliability record  


  • Awkward driver-seat position
  • Bland on-road attribute

Where and how to buy and sell Toyota Corolla 2006 for sale in Nigeria?

Here on, we have a cars for sale section which offers all the variant versions of the used Corolla for sale both for the Nigerian used and the Tokunbo and a list of Toyota dealers in Nigeria to ease your search to make your search easy. But before you make the right choice, go through the tips and advice of buying and selling of cars in Nigeria. Enjoy your new ride.

Thanks to our user-friendly filtering tool, you can easily find your favourite Toyota Corolla 2006. Simply set the Brand as Toyota, the Model as Corolla and the Year as 2006, then a wide range of Toyota Corolla 2006 for sale will be shown to you. Once you have found your favourite car, you can find the seller's information in each listing and then contact the seller by yourself. Moreover, Toyota Corolla 2006 owners/dealers can also advertise their cars on our website with only a small fee and stand a good chance of selling their cars in a short period of time.

Nevertheless, before making a decision to buy any car, please bear in mind these tips. Although the buying tips can slightly alter, depending on which car you are going to buy, these are the general tips which can be applied to any cars.

  • Budgeting: Firstly, consider your budget. Do not let yourself go bankrupt after buying a car. This will help you shortlist your options to a large extent;

  • Considering your demands and interests: To further narrow down your options, please take your demands and interests into account so that you can find the most suitable car for yourself;

  • Inspecting the vehicle carefully: You should check every car parts thoroughly; a test drive is also necessary to make sure that everything is operating properly;

  • Documents checking: You will also need to check the documents of the car carefully and make sure that they are sufficient and valid so as to avoid further legal problems.

We would also like to offer you some tips to avoid car scams which are becoming increasingly common in Nigeria these days.

  • DON"T make payment in beforehand even for part of the car price or the delivery;

  • Arrange the appointment with the seller at a public location;

  • Inspect the vehicle and its documents carefully before purchasing it. can also help you sell your Toyota Corolla 2006 in a much shorter time. Thanks to our three listing packages, you can post a listing in a favourable position. But before this, remember to repair and clean it as well as preparing all the necessary documents for the car, take beautiful photographs of it to attract more customers. The next steps are very simple and effortless, just stay at home and wait for the customers to contact you so that you can discuss further with each other.

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