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The Toyota Corolla 2005 for sale came with improvements on the previous model like reliable fuel consumption, better side-impact safety, electronic throttle control, a rear centre head restraint, and some restyling of the front fascia and taillights making it the most trusted, reliable and cost-effective car on Nigeria roads. On Naijauto, you will see different Toyota Corolla hatchback 2005, verso, sport, etc. Below are the versions of Toyota Corolla released in the year 2005. 

In the following session, you will be provided with the versions and specifications of the Toyota Corolla 2007, its price in Nigeria, its interior and exterior pictures, its reviews as well as the place to buy and sell the cheapest Toyota Corolla 2005.

Toyota Corolla for sale in Nigeria: All versions & Specifications


Version Name

Body Type



Fuel Consumption 


Toyota Corolla LE 2005 




29 MPG


Toyota Corolla CE 2005 




29 MPG


Toyota Corolla S 2005




29 MPG


Toyota Corolla XSR 2005 




29 MPG

Toyota Corolla 2005 Price in Nigeria

Suffice it to say that Toyota is among the world's leading automakers with great reliability and popularity and most importantly AFFORDABILITY. Irrespective of what your budget is you’ll always find a Toyota that suits your style and budget. The price of Toyota Corolla 2005 ranges from ₦1,200,000 to ₦2,300,000. 

See Corolla 2005 price in Nigeria for both Nigerian-used and Tokunbo models below.


Version Name

Nigerian-Used Price 

Tokunbo Price 


2005 Toyota Corolla price in Nigeria

₦1,200,000 - ₦2,300,000

₦1,200,000 - ₦2,300,000

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2005 Toyota Corolla Model Pictures

Below pictures show an overview of what the 2005 Toyota Corolla looks like, you can also see review of Toyota Corolla on Naijauto.


Toyota Corolla 2005 Front Side View


Toyota Corolla 2005 Interior



Toyota Corolla 2005 Back View


Toyota Corolla 2005 Engine 


Toyota Corolla 2005 Alloy Rim

2005 Toyota Corolla Pros & Cons

The Toyota Corolla was launched in the Nigerian auto market in the late 60s and has then been one of the most top-selling cars in the country. Experiencing a more-than-50-year existence, the Toyota Corolla has gone through seven generations with a wide range of upgrades and revisions.

The 2005 Toyota Corolla has a lot of advantages, which is the major reason why they are common on Nigerian roads today and is applauded by drivers for being very comfortable to drive. Below are the general advantages and disadvantages of the model;


  • Excellent fuel economy                                
  • Good acceleration times 
  • Roomy interior
  • Spacious trunk
  • Easy to maintain
  • Resale value
  • Above-average reliability.


  • Front seats lack lateral support
  • Paint scratches easy
  • Poor Scores for side crash protection without side airbags
  • 2.4L engine issues.

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Where and how to buy and sell cheap Toyota Corolla 2005 for sale in Nigeria?

On we have all the variant versions of the used Corolla 2005 both for the Nigerian used and the Tokunbo. Our variants touch across the Toyota Corolla wagon 2005, Toyota Corolla Altis 2005, Toyota Corolla XRS, etc. To make your search easy, use the advanced search filter on the left corner of this page to make your selection. You can easily set the brand as Toyota and the model as Corolla and the year as 2005, and then a wide range of options will be shown to you. When you have found your favourite one, you can contact the seller by yourself, using the contact information provided by us. 

However, remember to look through the necessary guidelines to buy a Toyota Corolla in Nigeria. Specifically,

  • You should choose the models between 2003 to 2008 since these models offer the best fuel mileage;
  • Consider the different designs of the different models of the Toyota Corolla since you will be satisfied with some than the others;
  • Consider your budget so that you will not run into debt after being the car;
  • Test drive the car to check whether there are any problems associated with this car. You can also bring a professional mechanic with you to help you check the car more carefully.

There are also some other reminders for you when you make transactions for the car:

  • Never make payment in advance even for the delivery;
  • Always meet the seller in person in a public place;
  • Inspect everything carefully before making any payment;
  • Do not hesitate to report to us if you are unfortunate enough to suffer from a scam.

Moreover, owners/dealers of the Toyota Corolla 2005 for sale can also choose one of our three packages with many benefits and advertise their cars on our website with only a small fee and then stand a good chance of selling their car shortly. They need to complete only several simple steps to post a listing on our website and then wait for the potential customers to connect you and then you can discuss further with each other. But before putting it on sale, just make sure that your car is in a good condition by repairing it of any damage and cleaning it.

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