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It has been established that the Toyota Corolla is considered as one of the best of the compact sedans in the auto market, the 2004 Toyota Corolla Model is not left out of this assertion a four-door sedan and all its variants come equipped with a 16-valve 4-cylinder 1.8-L engine and an option of an automatic or manual transmission.

If you are searching for a Toyota Corolla 2004 for sale, you are on the right page. The following session will provide you with the specifications of all the Toyota Corolla 2004 versions, its price, its interior and exterior pictures, its pros and cons as well as where and how to purchase the cheapest Toyota Corolla 2004 for sale in Nigeria.

Toyota Corolla 2004 for sale: Versions and Specifications

The car comes in three versions (See Below), these versions are readily available on Naijauto. 


Version Name 

 Body Type



Fuel consumption 


 Toyota Corolla LE 4dr 2004


 Automatic & Manual


 26-30 MPG


 Toyota Corolla CE 4dr 2004


 Automatic & Manual


 26-30 MPG


 Toyota Corolla Sport 2004


 Automatic & Manual


 26-30 MPG

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Toyota Corolla 2004 price in Nigeria

The price of Toyota Corolla 2004 in Nigeria ranges from ₦750,000 to ₦2,250,000. The table below shows the price of Corolla 2004 in Nigeria for both the Tokunbo and Nigerian-used versions.

 Brand model year

Toyota Corolla 2004 

 Tokunbo Toyota Corolla 2004 in Nigeria

₦820,000 - ₦2,250,000

 Nigerian-used Toyota Corolla 2004 in Nigeria

 ₦750,000 - ₦1,750,000

Toyota Corolla 2004 exterior and interior pictures

See below pictures of the 2004 Toyota Corolla.


2004 Toyota Corolla Front-side View


2004 Toyota Corolla rear


Toyota Corolla 2004 interior dashboard



2004 Toyota Corolla Engine

Toyota Corolla 2004 Pros and Cons

Here are some pros and cons of the 2004 Toyota Corolla we have identified and itemized


The model has been praised to have a 

  • Refined and roomy interior, 

  • Excellent gas mileage and crash test scores

  • Illustrious reliability record.


  • Awkward driver-seat position

  • Bland Attribute 

You can also read the full Toyota Corolla 2004 on our website.

Where and how to buy the cheapest Toyota Corolla 2004 for sale in Nigeria? has a wonderful line up of used Corolla 2004 for sale, some versions of the Model available include Toyota Corolla Verso, Hatchback, Altis, wagon and more from various states and dealers across the country at highly competitive prices. Use the advanced search filter on the left side of the page to guide your search. You can also look through the guidelines on how to buy a used Toyota Corolla in Nigeria.

The process to buy a Toyota Corolla 2004 on Naijauto is very simple and straightforward. You just need to access our Cars for sale section, set the Brand as Toyota, the Model as Corolla and the Year as 2004, then a wide range of Toyota Corolla 2004 will be shown to you. After that, please have a look at all of the options. When you have found your favourite car, you can find the seller contact information in the listing, contact him/her and do the transaction by yourself. Moreover, Toyota Corolla 2004 owners/dealers can also advertise their car on our website by posting listings on our website with only a small fee. offers three packages which has many benefits and can be bought with only a small fee.

Nevertheless, before making a decision to buy any car, it is necessary to bear in mind the following things:

  • Budgeting: Take your budget into account so that you will not fo bankrupt after buying a car.
  • Demands and interests: The next things to take into consideration are your demands and interests so that you can buy the most suitable car for yourself.
  • Car inspecting: You should also check the car and all of its related documents to avoid further legal issues. A test drive is also necessary. You should also bring a professional mechanic with you to check the car for you to make sure that it operates well.
  • Car scam alert: Never pay anything in advance; set up a meeting with the seller at a public and safe place.

However, where can the car buyers can choose their cars from? These cars must be taken from the cars put on sale by the sellers. Not surprisingly, the Toyota Corolla 2004 owners can put their cars on sale and advertise their cars on Our website offers three listing packages which can be bought at very reasonable prices and offer numerous benefits. Just choose one of them and then pay a small amount of fee, do according to the guidelines and you can post a listing on our website. The customers will contact you so that you can discuss further. Before putting the car on sale, do not forget to check for any of its problems, clean it carefully and take beautiful pictures of it so that you can attract more customers.

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