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Despite the entire overhaul of the Toyota Camry 2007 version by the Toyota company, the 2008 model was still upgraded a bit for better customer experience, the later was entirely accepted by the people upon production. However, checking the trims and versions of this Toyota Camry 2008 for sale is very important, to ensure you get the features you want for your money. In the following session, you will be provided with all of the versions of the car along with its specifications, its price, some of its exterior and interior models, some pros and cons as well as where and how to buy and sell the Toyota Camry 2008 in Nigeria.

Toyota Camry 2008 for sale in Nigeria: Versions and Specifications


Version Name

Body Type



Fuel Consumption


Toyota Camry LE 2008



V4 - Petrol

24 MPG


Toyota Camry CE 2008



V6 - Petrol

31 MPG


Toyota Camry SE 2008



V6 - Petrol

32 MPG


Toyota Camry XLE 2008



V6 - Petrol

31 MPG

Also, check other available versions of Used Toyota Camry sale to see the full list of options.

Toyota Camry 2008 Price in Nigeria

The price of Toyota Camry 2008 in Nigeria ranges from ₦1,650,000 to ₦3,500,000. Below is a table which shows the price of Toyota Camry 2008 in Nigeria in both of its Tokunbo and Nigerian-used version.


 Toyota Camry 2008

 Nigerian-used Toyota Camry 2008 price in Nigeria

 ₦1,650,000 - ₦3,300,000

 Tokunbo price Toyota Camry 2008 price in Nigeria

 ₦3,100,000 - ₦3,500,000

2008 Toyota Camry Model Pictures

Have a quick glance at the interior and exterior features of the 2008 Toyota Camry below.


Look at this! You might understand why the car got so many nicknames (Muscle, Spider, Big Daddy, etc.)


2008 Toyota Camry back View


2008 Toyota Camry Dashboard


2008 Toyota Camry Engine


2008 Toyota Camry Review and Problems

Here is a list of the benefits of the 2008 Toyota Camry and the few problems you may encounter. Also, check out the written Toyota Camry 2008 review on Naijauto for you to get more information.


  • Extended interior design
  • Reliable reputation
  • Fuel-efficient V6
  • High resale value


  • Lower-grade interior fittings

Where and how to buy a cheap Toyota Camry 2008 in Nigeria?

Naijauto is the trusted platform where you can get the latest and cheapest options on used Camry 2008 for sale in Nigeria, as it is a leading website with positive feedback from customers. Our trusted dealers are spread all over the country. Also, there are tips to consider on a 2008 Toyota Camry in Nigeria on, feel free to check it out in other to make a better option.

Our website also has a cars on sale section which offers a wide range of Toyota Camry 2008 on sale. Thanks to our user-friendly filtering tool, you can easily set the Brand as Toyota, the Model as Camry and the Year as 2008, a wide range of Toyota Camry 2008 on sale in many locations, of various production years, etc. will be shown to you. When you have found your favourite ones, you can contact the seller and do all the transactions by yourself. Toyota Camry 2018 owners/dealers can also advertise their cars on our website and are likely to sell their cars shortly.

But before making a decision to buy any cars, pls bear in mind the following things for a wise choice.

  • Budgeting: Pls consider your budget first, which would help you considerably narrow down your options. Do not let yourself go bankrupt after buying your favourite car;

  • Considering your demands and interests: Your demands and interests also need to be taken into consideration to make sure that you have found the ideal cars for yourself.

  • Vehicle inspecting: You should also inspect the vehicle carefully. Ask the owner for a test drive to make sure that the vehicle is properly operating. You can also have a professional mechanic check the vehicle for yourself so that you can make sure of its quality.

  • Documents inspecting: The car documents also need to be thoroughly inspected to avoid further legal issues.

Considering the fact that car scams are becoming more and more common in Nigeria these days. Please follow some basic tips to avoid this problem.

  • Do not make payment beforehand even for part of the price or for the delivery
  • Arrange the appointment with the seller in person in a public place.
  • Inspect the vehicle and its related documents thoroughly before buying it.

Meanwhile, you can also advertise your Toyota Camry 2008 on our website to sell your car in a much shorter time. Just choose one of our three listing packages, pay a small amount of fee and then post a listing in a favourable position, depending on the package you choose. Before putting it on sale, remember to make sure that your car is in perfect condition by cleaning and repairing it of any damage. At that time, the only thing you need to do is to stay at home and wait for the potential customers to contact you so that the two of you can discuss with each other.

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