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The Toyota Camry 2007 for sale came as a much-refined version of the Camry cars due to Toyota’s willingness to continually suit the needs of its users. Thus, this version comes with better styling, a larger V6 engine, improved fuel efficiency, and improved standard airbags. The features for the four prominent trim levels of the 2007 Toyota Camry are listed below. These Toyota Camry trims can be gotten on Naijauto. In the following session, you will find the information regarding the specifications of all the versions of the Toyota Camry 2007, its price in Nigeria, its interior and exterior pictures, some of the Toyota Camry reviews and the place to purchase and sell the Toyota Camry 2007 on sale. 

Toyota Camry 2007 for sale in Nigeria: All versions and specifications



Version Name

Body Type



Fuel Consumption


Toyota Camry CE 2007 



V6 - Petrol

27 MPG


Toyota Camry LE 2007 



V6 - Petrol

28 MPG


Toyota Camry SE 2007 



V6 - Petrol

28 MPG


Toyota Camry XLE 2007 



V6 - Petrol

28 MPG

For other available models of the Toyota Camry for sale in Nigeria, check out our Toyota Camry cars for sale to see the full list of options.

Toyota Camry 2007 Price in Nigeria

The price of Toyota Camry 2007 in Nigeria ranges from ₦1,500,000 to ₦3,000,000. Examine the Camry 2007 price in Nigeria for both the Tokunbo and the Nigerian-used versions in the table below.



Nigerian Used Price        

Foreign Used Price 


Toyota Camry 2007 price in Nigeria

₦1,500,000 - ₦2,600,000

₦1,200,000 - ₦3,000,000

Toyota Camry 2007: Model Pictures

The elegant look of this model makes it outstanding in the family of Toyota Camry, check out the interior and exterior of the features below. (Click to read Toyota Camry 2007 review)


2007 Toyota Camry Front Side View


2007 Toyota Camry Back View


2007 Toyota Camry Dashboard


2007 Toyota Camry Engine

Toyota Camry 2007 in Nigeria: Pros & Cons

Despite the fact that the model is comfortable and the interior is roomy with all powertrains refined and efficient fuel consumption, there are still few cons that may surprise you when you check the Pros and Cons below. 


  • Improved fuel economy
  • A much better styling
  • Larger V6 engine
  • Improved 4 cylinder


  • Stability system is optional
  • Folding backseat is available on only CE and LE

Here, we would also like to mention some points that you should bear in mind when purchasing a used Toyota Camry 2007. Remember to test drive the vehicle to check whether there is any fault with the transmission, a failing ignition coil, badly adjusted moonroof, poor acceleration or disappointing brake system. You should also have a professional mechanic check the car for you.

Where to Buy and Sell Cheap used Toyota Camry 2007 online?

At Naijauto, we have an accurate list of tested and trusted dealers/owners regardless of your location in Nigeria. Our dealers spread across the entire country. is the leading website for buying and selling cars and has got you covered on where to buy the cheapest used Camry 2007 on sale in Nigeria including the Toyota Camry Big Daddy, Toyota Camry G, Toyota Camry Muscle, Sport, hybrid and more.  You may also look through the Necessary guidelines to buy a car online in Nigeria. 

To be more specific, you can go to our Cars for sale page and set the filter tool to the Toyota Camry 2007. When you have found your favourite one, please contact the seller and do the transaction by yourself. Remember to never make payments in advance until you have met the seller in person and the deal has been secured. Always meet the seller in person in a public place. Do not forget to check everything carefully, not only the car but also all of its documents. If you are unfortunate enough to suffer from a scam, feel free to report to us. 

Furthermore, owners of used Toyota Camry 2007 can also advertise their cars sale on our website with only a small fee. The listing posting process is very fast and easy, so do not worry. You can choose one of our packages and then advertise your car on our website to stand a good chance of selling your car shortly. Nevertheless, before putting the car for sale, remember to check it for any problem, properly clean it so that it can be in perfect condition.

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