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Are you looking for Toyota Camry for sale? You’ve come to the right place, - the number one online website for cars on sale as well as auto news in the country. In the following session, you will be provided with a review of the Toyota Camry which include its outstanding features, pros and cons, mechanical specifications, dimensions, etc. Moreover, the Toyota Camry price in Nigeria and the location to buy the Toyota Camry on sale in Nigeria will also be presented to you here.

Toyota Camry for sale in Nigeria: Is it a good car?

Camry was first introduced in 1982 but its design was not once out of date. Following famous Toyota cars like Corolla, Toyota Camry cars rose to be the next “world car” from this automaker with impressive sales record during 30 years on the global market, and once again strengthen Toyota cars’ leading position among countless car brands across the globe.

Divided into 2 styles of design: narrow body and wide body, both lines of Camry are developed on the transverse front engine and front-wheel-drive layout. The latest models come with either automatic or CVT option, using the TNGA GA-K platform. Another remarkable feature of these cars is Toyota Safety Sense which is equipped with all kinds of safety devices like a pre-collision system, full-speed radar cruise control or intelligent clearance sonar… Toyota Camry interior is also beyond expectations.

For the 2021 model, there are some changes added to the car. The front end gets a new design and the car is available with new colours, wheels designs. The cabin also gets a new tablet-like touchscreen which measures 7.0 inches or 9.0 inches. The sporty XSE now comes with a hybrid motor while the XLE is equipped with new leather upholstery. In the meanwhile, improved driver assists are added as standard features across all the Toyota Camry variants. 

With all those amazing features, Camry has won the heart of most Nigerian drivers who have given this model so many lovely names, ranging from Orobo, Pencil, Big Daddy, Big for nothing to Muscle or Long John. Such a popular car right?

The Toyota Camry receives its power from two motor options: a 2.5-litre 4-cyl motor (2020 and 206 HP) and a 3.5-litre V6 (301 HP). The transmission duties are undertaken by an 8-speed automatic gearbox. The claimed fuel mileage of the car is 19.16 kmpl while the real mileage in the city is expected to be 14.29 kmpl. The sedan is priced from $24,970 to $32,185 (prices in the US without the import tax). The car measures 192.7 inches in length, 72.4 inches in width, 56.9 inches in height with a 111.2-inch wheelbase. 

The Toyota Camry competes against the Honda Accord, which is also a wonderful car which is equipped with many safety features. The latter comes with sharp steering, large cargo space and a top-notch cabin. While the former comes with a V6 motor and an AWD system, the latter is available with an FWD system. Another competitor against the Toyota Camry is the Nissan Altima, which comes with two efficient motor options, a good riding and handling quality, a comfortable cabin and responsive tech controls. Nevertheless, the Camry has a more powerful motor than the Altima.

Toyota Camry pros and cons


  • Powerful engine
  • Sharp appearance
  • Being well-equipped
  • Comfortable journey
  • Amber rear-seat room


  • Inability to provide a fun driving experience
  • Many hard plastics

Toyota Camry price in Nigeria

The price of Toyota Camry in Nigeria ranges from ₦580,000 to ₦25,000,500. The table below shows some of the most popular Toyota Camry models in Nigeria along with their Tokunbo and Nigerian-used prices. 


Toyota Camry most popular models 

 Tokunbo prices

Nigerian-used prices 


 Toyota Camry 2008

 ₦2,400,000 - ₦3,500,000

 ₦1,600,000 - ₦3,600,000


 Toyota Camry 2007


 ₦1,530,000- ₦3,500,000


 Toyota Camry 2010

 ₦1,900,000 - ₦3,700,000

 ₦1,500,000 - ₦4,500,000


 Toyota Camry 2009


 ₦1,400,000 - ₦3,500,000


 Toyota Camry 2004


 ₦1,100,000 - ₦2,500,000

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Where to purchase and sell Toyota Camry for sale Nigeria?

To find your favourite Toyota Camry, you do not have to go to the physical market in person by yourself. Nowadays, with just a few clicks while still staying at home, you can find your ideal car, thanks to numerous online auto portals, one of which is, which offers a wide range of cars sale in Nigeria which, of course, include Toyota Camry on sale.

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