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Have you found the Toyota Avalon you are searching for? It’s right here on Naijauto - the trusted auto portal in Nigeria that displays unlimited cars for sale in the country. The good news is that you do not just get a list of Toyota Avalon for sale, you also get accurate reviews, updated price lists, interior and exterior specifications as well as trusted locations to buy used Toyota Avalon for sale.

Toyota Avalon for sale in Nigeria: Is it a good car?

What is particularly new and makes this Model stand out from Toyota Avalon 2017, Toyota Avalon 2015, Toyota Avalon 2014 and other preceding years is the introduction of a new Trim, Toyota Racing Development (TRD). The Toyota Avalon’s standard engine is a 3.5-litre V6 making 301 horsepower. It uses an 8-speed automatic transmission to power the front wheels It will continue to be one of the most comfortable, roomy, reliable and competent vehicles in its segment. 

The Toyota Avalon competes against the Lexus ES but the former seems to be a better value for money, thanks to its equal list of features but a more competitive price. Moreover, the Dodge Charger and Chrysler 300 are also formidable competitors with powerful engines and top-notch features despite an outdated design.

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Toyota Avalon: Versions & Fuel Economy

The table below shows details of the variant of the Toyota Avalon.


Version Name

Fuel Consumption 

Brand New Price


Toyota Avalon Limited




Toyota Avalon XLE




Toyota Avalon XSE




Toyota Avalon TRD




Toyota Avalon touring



Toyota Avalon review

Toyota Avalon Interior

The model is beautifully furnished, the Cabin has; quilted leather on the seats, stitched dashboard and door panel trim, and a dual-tone colour scheme throughout. The plastics feel solid, the panels are carefully assembled, and a huge 9-inch touchscreen display dominates the centre stack, giving the interior a modern look.

2020 Toyota Avalon Dashboard

Toyota Avalon Dashboard

Toyota Avalon Exterior

The exterior features include 17" silver aluminium Wheels, Daytime running lights and Heated power mirrors. The car measures 195.9 inches in length, 72.8 inches in width and 56.5 inches in height with a 113.0-inch wheelbase.

2020 Toyota Avalon Exterior

Toyota Avalon Exterior

Toyota Avalon Pros and Cons


  • Lots of standard advanced safety features
  • Comfortable ride quality
  • Quiet and roomy cabin


  • No Android Auto integration
  • Sunroof limits front headroom
  • All-wheel drive is not available

 Updated Toyota Avalon price in Nigeria

The price of Toyota Avalon in Nigeria ranges from ₦1,600,000 to ₦9,800,000. Below is a table which lists some of the most popular Toyota Avalon model years with their prices in Nigeria.

 No. Toyota Avalon model years  Tokunbo prices  Nigerian-used prices 
 1  Toyota Avalon 2015 ₦8,600,000 ₦6,450,000
 2  Toyota Avalon 2007 ₦2,200,000 - ₦3,500,000 ₦850,000 - ₦2,600,000
 3  Toyota Avalon 2005


₦1,200,000 - ₦1,500,000
 4  Toyota Avalon 2016 ₦9,800,000 ₦9,000,000 - ₦10,500,000
 5  Toyota Avalon 2010 ₦2,700,000 - ₦5,00,000 ₦1,500,000 - ₦2,800,000

Which are the cheapest Toyota Avalon for sale in Nigeria?

The table below provides a list of the most affordable Toyota Avalon for sale in Nigeria and their prices in Nigeria.

 No.  Cheapest Toyota Avalon Tokunbo prices  Nigerian-used prices 
 1  Toyota Avalon 2002  -  From ₦720,000
 2  Toyota Avalon 2004  -  From ₦900,000
 3  Toyota Avalon 2005  From ₦1,600,000  From ₦1,500,000
 4  Toyota Avalon 2006  -  From ₦1,550,000
 5  Toyota Avalon 2007  -  From ₦1,700,000

Where and how to buy and sell Toyota Avalon for sale online?

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