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Hi there, you are currently viewing the Toyota 4-Runner for sale on Naijauto. Here, you will see different options including all the information you may need. Specifically, you will be provided with a review of the car, some of its most popular model years with their prices and trusted locations to buy and sell used Toyota 4-Runner for sale.

Toyota 4-Runner for sale in Nigeria: Is it a good car?

If there’s something worthy of note in the Toyota 4-Runner, it is in the fact that it gets more popular with age. It was last redesigned completely in the Toyota 4-Runner model, yet each version keeps getting more popular and accepted than versions preceding it. It is therefore not surprising that the Toyota 4-Runner remains the top choice among 4-Runner lovers. The Toyota 4-Runner SUV is quite strong and rugged with its 4.0liter V6 engine and five-speed automatic transmission which cuts across all its seven distinct trim levels. Refer to the compiled list of Toyota for sale for other options and other Toyota reviews on our website.

The Toyota 4-Runner competes against the Jeep Wrangler which has great off-road capabilities but does not deliver as a comfortable drive when going on road or well-equipped as the 4-Runner. Another formidable competitor is the Subaru Outback which also has great off-road capabilities and is much more livable when going on-road than the 4-Runner.


The Toyota 4-Runner Front-Side View

Toyota 4-Runner: Versions & Fuel Economy

The Toyota 4-Runner offers seven trim levels for sale in the car market. You may refer to the table below to check the fuel consumption and market value of each of them.


Version Name

Fuel Consumption

Brand New Price 


Toyota 4-Runner SR5 price in Nigeria

17 - 21 MPG

₦12000000 - ₦13000000


Toyota 4-Runner SR5 Premium price in Nigeria

17 - 21 MPG

₦13000000 - ₦15000000


Toyota 4-Runner TRD Off-Road price in Nigeria

17 - 21 MPG

₦13000000 - ₦15000000


Toyota 4-Runner TRD Off-Road Premium price in Nigeria

17 - 21 MPG

₦13000000 - ₦15000000


Toyota 4-Runner TRD Pro price in Nigeria

17 - 21 MPG

₦13000000 - ₦15000000


Toyota 4-Runner Limited price in Nigeria

17 - 21 MPG

₦17000000 - ₦18000000


Toyota 4-Runner Limited Nightshade price in Nigeria

17 - 21 MPG

₦17000000 - ₦18000000

Toyota 4-Runner Interior

Featured in the Toyota 4-Runner are power front seats, a power rear window, fabric fittings, heated mirrors, folding second-row seats, one USB port, an eight-speaker sound system, and satellite radio. The Limited version adds dual-zone climate control, parking sensors, keyless ignition and leather seat fittings to its features.


Toyota 4-Runner Dashboard

Toyota 4-Runner Exterior

The Toyota 4-Runner comes off as a family-friendly SUV with a trucklike body construction. It is quite strong and reliable, features 17” alloy wheels, skid plates, fog lights, windshield wiper de-icer, automatic headlights, and sunroof. For a full review of the Toyota 4-Runner, see the full review on Naijauto. The Toyota 4-Runner measures 190.2 inches in length, 75.8 inches in width and 190.2 inches in height with a 109.8 inches

Toyota 4-Runner: Problems

The Toyota 4-Runner car comes with a lot of advantages and a few challenges, some of which are listed below:


  • Many versions to aid the buyer’s choice.
  • Very spacious
  • High ratings for reliability
  • Comfortable ride and handling


  • Unimpressive fuel economy
  • Interior design is not striking
  • Small screen for the infotainment system.

Toyota 4-Runner: Price in Nigeria

The price of Toyota 4-Runner in Nigeria ranges from ₦2,550,000 to ₦150,000,000. The table below shows the most popular Toyota 4-Runner models with their prices in Nigeria.


 Toyota 4-Runner models

 Tokunbo prices

 Nigerian-used prices


 Toyota 4-Runner 2010

 ₦6.400,000 - ₦14,500,000

 ₦5,300,000 - ₦10,000,000


 Toyota 4-Runner 2008

 ₦3,700,000 - ₦4,950,000

 ₦4,000,000 - ₦4,750,000


 Toyota 4-Runner 2005

 ₦3,400,000 - ₦2,700,000

 ₦1,250,000 - ₦3,300,000


 Toyota 4-Runner 2012

 ₦8,000,000 - ₦16,000,000

 ₦6,500,000 - ₦8,800,000


 Toyota 4-Runner 2015




 Toyota 4-Runner 2018

 ₦7,550,000 - ₦28,000,000

 ₦12,700,000 - ₦27,000,000


 Toyota 4-Runner 2006


 ₦1,300,000 - ₦3,100,000

Which are the cheapest Toyota 4-Runner for sale in Nigeria?

The most affordable Toyota 4-Runner for sale in Nigeria include the Toyota 4-Runner 2007, Toyota 4-Runner 2006, Toyota 4-Runner 2008, Toyota 4-Runner 2010 and Toyota 4-Runner 2012. The table below provides a detailed price list of these models.

 No.  Cheapest Toyota 4-Runner for sale  Tokunbo prices  Nigerian-used prices
 1  Toyota 4-Runner 2007  -  From ₦2,950,000
 2  Toyota 4-Runner 2006  -   From ₦4,400,000
 3  Toyota 4-Runner 2008  From ₦4,800,000  From ₦1,750,000
 4  Toyota 4-Runner 2010  -  From ₦6,450,000
 5  Toyota 4-Runner 2012  -  From ₦6,500,000

Where and how to buy and sell Toyota 4-Runner for sale online?

If you are looking to buy a cheap Toyota 4-Runner for sale in Nigeria, do check out the compiled safety tips for buying cars online on before making any form of transaction. Moreover, our website also has a cars for sale section where you can find a wide range of Toyota 4-Runner for sale in Abuja, Lagos and many other cities in Nigeria.

Car dealers/owners can advertise their Toyota 4-Runner on our website to sell their cars shortly. You can buy one of our three listing packages for only a small fee with numerous benefits. After that, do according to the guidelines to post a listing on our website. Pls remember to clean the car, repair it and make sure it is in the best condition so that you can attract customers. The next step is just to wait for the potential customers to contact you so that two of you can discuss with each other and do the transaction by yourselves.

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