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  • SMA Mapel 2006 White for sale

    Condition: Used
    Transmission: Manual
    1500 Km
    The car is in good condition,
    talking about the engine,
    the engine is good,
    they have never worked on the engine before.
    Just buy and drive
    Negotiable price
    call {phone=07061527801}
    SMA Nigeria is gradually spreading their influences on Nigerian consumers with an increasing number of dealerships as well as more ranges of products. Take a look through all SMA models for sale, you can see how determined they are in improving their designs and performance. The total sales of latest SMA cars are also the obvious evidence for the success of this automaker in the local market.

    Price of SMA in Nigeria are, generally, reasonable with what they try to offer. Should you aim at brand new vehicles, filter the car condition as “New” on our advanced searching tool on the left. Otherwise, set it “Used” to view hundreds of SMA used cars on our website, varying from Tokunbo (foreign used) to Nigerian used units. However, to buy used vehicles, you must equip yourself with basic knowledge to check a pre-owned vehicle. Some minor problems in your opinion might lead to a complete overhaul later.

    You’re here - the list of SMA for sale in Nigeria. Take your time wandering around for thousands of cars for sale and up-to-date prices collected from either online or offline markets throughout the country!