8 worst experiences you may have while travelling by road


Posted by: Oluwaseun Solomon

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Did you know that travelling by road can be horrible sometimes? Check here for our Top 8 worst experiences you may have while travelling by road. See them now!

Here at Naijauto.com, we do not only care about cars, but we also care about experiences that drivers and passengers do have with automobiles. This post is one among many that we have, which we hope will help keep you guys informed so as to avoid or manage some possible worst road travelling experiences.

As we all know that here in Nigeria, a vast majority of population do travel by road frequently either by commercial buses or personal cars. We cannot really be considering travelling by or by sea as the scale of people travelling via those routes in this Nigeria is almost zero Lol. Air travel can still be considered to some extent but it's mostly not as affordable and reachable as our usual “driver and conductor/Agbero” commercial buses 😊.

Sometimes we even get some hilarious views and opinions from people like someone telling you they love travelling by road because in cases of crashes, people can still come to their aid and rescue them where possible compared to travelling by air which there wouldn’t be anyone in the air to rescue them if there occurs a sudden crash.

As for us, we believe it’s a free world and everyone is entitled to their individual beliefs and opinions which we totally respect as well as condemn nobody for any.

So, for the road travel lovers, we can bet that you must have at least one or two unforgettable horrible experience while travelling by road, right? Even if it never happened to you directly, one would have occurred before that you witnessed and can’t forget in a rush. True or false?

Now, let’s check 8 possible worst experiences you may have while travelling by road!

1. Leaky exhaust in your car

This is an irritating experience that occurs when the unpleasant smoke/fumes from your vehicle’s exhaust system leaks and enters back into the car’s cabin polluting the interior part of the car as you continue on a long journey.


Travelling in a vehicle with a leaky exhaust is not only uncomfortable but dangerous to health

Apart from your eyes getting sore and teary, you will feel so uncomfortable and all your wares will be smelling like you were a smoker by the time you reach your destination.

2. Being given misdirection

It's quite annoying how come funny people would never admit not knowing the directions you seek rather they will pompously give you a complete misdirection. You will find yourself in this dumb loop if you are visiting a place for the first time in Nigeria. Prepare for a lot of “trial and error” directions.

But if you learn how to use Google Maps very well and that area is well mapped out, you should be fine on your own.

>>> If you are getting to Abuja from Lagos by road, you can board a bus of these transport companies to avoid the direction hassle

3. A running stomach

This can turn a lovely long journey into a complete nightmare because it will make you totally uncomfortable throughout the journey while others are having fun enjoying the long ride.

If you feel like relieving yourself, we strongly advise that you let your ego down and beg the commercial bus driver to stop for you else you would only be sweating profusely and suffering in silence all through the journey only if you can even handle it for the entire journey.

Please try not to fart inside a commercial bus, it’s disgusting! - Naijauto

Tell the driver to pull over, get out, find a nearby toilet or bush and end the football match of the soccer teams in your Tommy.

4. Travel sickness

We can’t really call this being allergic rather it is just common sometimes for the erratic movement of a vehicle when travelling by road to makes some few people to feel dizziness, discomfort and some may even begin to vomit in the long run. This type of motion sickness or travel sickness often makes the entire journey the worst experience for such people.

5. Sitting next to a passenger with body odour

This is pretty much self-explanatory. If you ever find yourself positioned by bus seat to someone with a terrible body odour or offensive body spray/cologne, try ask the bus driver, conductor or just by yourself find a way to change your sit even before the journey starts; otherwise, it might become a journey you will never forget.


Travelling by bus in Nigeria contains so many problems other than body odour

6. Sudden robbery

This is the worst-case scenario that is neither funny nor controllable. It can even sometimes lead to loss of life.

If you ever find yourself in the middle of a robbery, please follow exact instructions of the armed robbers, give them all they want without arguments and beg as much as you can that they spare your life in case they threaten to take it.

>>> Know how to protect yourself in case of a robbery! This 5 tips will help you survive traffic robbers in Lagos

7. Picking a sit next to a talkative

This is like so common in Nigerian commercial buses. There is always one woman or an unbelievably talkative man that will board the bus and begin talking from the beginning of the journey till the end. If you are sitting next to such a person, and you feel uncomfortable with the speed and volume of his/her talking, change your seat or politely ask for some silence from him/her unless you are not paying for the trip Lol.

8. Sudden car fault/damage

Without even stressing this point, you all know how frustrating it can be if you are enjoying a ride on a supposed to be a long journey and suddenly your car broke down in the middle of nowhere and worst of all there isn’t a cellular network in that area.

Such a journey automatically becomes an outright nightmare from the spot.

To avoid such a situation, always check on all the necessary parts of your car to ensure that they are in good conditions before you put the vehicle itself on the road and begin a long journey in the first place.


You might not get more than all this in this post. When we find other common possible worst road travelling experiences we will put up another post as a sequel to this one in the future. Reflect your previous experiences on road and message us if you have ever gone through worse situations!

>>> meanwhile, to avoid sudden car problems, visit useful car maintenance tips and advice regularly!

Oluwaseun Solomon
Oluwaseun Solomon

Oluwaseun Solomon

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Oluwaseun Solomon is a prolific and diligent automobile writer at Naijauto.com. He's also an experienced digital marketer and a creative multimedia developer that specializes in video editing. He currently contributes informative and easy to read articles on topics covering transportation, traffic updates, auto industry updates, and different car reviews.
When Solomon is not writing, you will either find him composing music, editing videos or simply enjoying YouTube "TEDx Talk" videos with a chilled drink :)

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