Anti-safety driving habits women should resist


Posted by: Chris Odogwu

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Women drive as good as men, if not better. However, there are certain bad habits exhibited that endanger their lives. Know these habits and avoid them!

In time past, the roads were dominated by men. Women were prohibited from driving in many countries. But that has changed. Nowadays, there are many women behind the wheels on the road.

Majority of women drive just as good as men, if not better. However, there are certain habits that women exhibit on the road that are against safety rules. They endanger not only their lives, but the lives of other road users. It takes just a second for a road hazard to occur. Hence, it’s important that safety measures are observed to the latter.

At, safe driving is our priority. In keeping to this, we have compiled some women bad driving habits that you should avoid.

1. Applying makeup in traffic

Every woman loves to look good. It’s a good thing. However, there’s time for everything. Applying makeup at traffic lights is doing the right thing at the wrong time.

The few minutes you get to stop in traffic are part of the driving experience. Anything can happen. Be focused. Another car might hit you if you aren’t at alert. Not moving your car immediately the green lights come on, due to applying makeup, will disrupt car movements, making other drivers agitated.


Put your lipstick on to start a great day but not in traffic!

2. Texting while driving

Texting while driving is a major cause of road accidents in modern societies. Driving is an activity that requires full attention. You can’t have your cake and eat it. It’s either you drive, or park your car if you must do another activity.

It takes just one look away from the road for an accident to happen. Keep your phone away. If it’s very important, park your car to send that text or make that call. Your phone isn’t going anywhere. You need to arrive at your destination safely to continue that conversation.

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3. Driving while exhausted

It’s an open secret that working women often have more responsibilities than working men. They have to combine running the home and being great at their job. As a result of this, they push themselves hard.

Nature can’t be cheated. When the body is tired, it needs to be rested. Pushing yourself to drive when you are exhausted is dangerous. You could doze off for one second, and the unexpected might happen. Get enough rest before hitting the road.

4. Bad posture

How you position yourself behind the wheels is important to have good control. Bad sitting limits how well you handle the steering and use other instruments such as the transmission and brake pedal.

Ensure that you sit up straight. Don’t slouch. Is your seat okay? Position it well in a way that’s comfortable for you. Good posture enables you to prevent colliding with on-coming vehicles.


Driving in correct posture can prevent injuries

Pay attention to your footwear. High-heels and flip-flops aren’t good for driving.

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5. Not understanding car mechanism

Understanding how a car works is believed to be a thing for men. It shouldn’t be so. Since women drive too, it’s also important that they have knowledge of this. Try to learn the basics of car mechanism. Checking oil and water levels is one aspect you should understand. When minor issues arise, you’ll be able to solve them on your own.

>>> Check more safe driving tips and car maintenance on!

Chris Odogwu

Chris Odogwu

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