Why you should connect your phone to your car: An essential practice


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Before we tell you how to do it, let's get to know the reasons why you should connect your phone to your car!

Almost all the people you know own and use one type of smartphone or the other because it is now a necessity for every human being. Smartphones are mobile devices that have the ability to perform a lot of other functions asides from calls and text messages.

Smartphones today have cameras, voice recorders, internet browsers, wifi-hotspot and a lot of other applications. This is why you should not be denied access to your smartphones when you are in your car driving.


We have phones in our cars these days, we just don't know

Knowing why you should connect your phone to your car is very important because many underestimate it, which deprived themselves of essential things you should equip your car with.

When I say everyone, I mean both car owners and non-car owners. You don't know the situation you will find yourself tomorrow that will require you to connect your phone to a car.

Before I show you how to connect your smartphones to all types of cars, you need to know why it is important to get your phone connected to your car. 

4 Reasons why you should connect your phone to your car!

1. Safety

When you are driving, it poses a dangerous risk to use your mobile device. Using mobile devices and even earphones while driving reduces the attention of drivers and it has been a major cause of road accidents in Nigeria and all over the world.

When you connect your phone with your car, you can easily pick and make calls while you are driving.


Just call with your car, no need for a phone

Newer cars have buttons on the steering wheel that allows you to dial numbers and receive calls while you use the car's speaker as a medium of hearing and speaking on the phone.

2. Entertainment 

It is a better form of entertainment if you can have access to all the media files on your mobile phone while you are riding in a car. You can easily download files on your mobile phone and access them while you are on road trips with friends and family.


Watching Netflix in a car is so cool

You can also use the car and phone connection as a form of public address system to the occupants of your car especially if it is one of those cars with very good speakers. If you have to share particular information in a car, you can use the car's entertainment screen and speakers to share this info. The car then acts like a Television away from home.

Some drivers can easily stay awake when they listen to a form of noise from the car's speakers. The radio never gives you a chance to choose what you want to hear, this is why your mobile phone connected to your car is very important. You get to choose the type of music you want to hear.

3. Storing information

You can back up a lot of important information when you connect your phone with your car. This might not be possible for all types of cars. For cars that have storage devices on their infotainment systems, all you need to do is to transfer the files from your phone to the car's storage device.

There are various ways via which you can connect your mobile phone to your car's infotainment system. I will make sure I touch all the various ways in this article.

4. Diagnosis

Some of the automobile scanning and diagnosis machines today use Bluetooth as a medium of connectivity to reduce the bulkiness of these devices.


Easy way to diagnose your car

Your phone acts like a scanner screen while it takes information from your car.  

How to connect your phones with a car

  • Auxiliary Cord
  • Bluetooth
  • USB cable
  • Android Auto and Apple car play
  • Special manufacturer applications

1. Auxiliary Cord

The auxiliary cord is a wire that connects the audio system of your mobile phone to that of the car. It is a wire that has both ends fitted with an earphone connector. Once you connect the aux-cord to your phone, then you have to find the aux cord of your car's infotainment and set the car's media to 'aux mode' for it to work.


Aux Cord in a car

For cars that come with no aux port, all you have to do is install an aftermarket Radiohead that comes with the auxiliary function. You can go ahead and even install an Android head unit that gives you more than the auxiliary function.

Note: Auxiliary gives you only an audio extension, it doesn't work for videos.

2. Bluetooth connectivity

From 2007, we started getting cars that came with Bluetooth connectivity for phone calls and media. Every mobile phone today has Bluetooth connectivity. 
The first type of Bluetooth connectivity was for only calls.

There is always a Bluetooth button commonly labeled 'BT' in your car. Once you press this button, you have to make your phone search for the Bluetooth name of your car then pair it up using the code that your car provides you.


Bluetooth in cars is now an essential feature

This way, whenever you are in your car and the Bluetooth is on, it automatically connects with your phone and you can now receive and make phone calls while you are driving. 

Later on, car manufacturers allowed cars to have Bluetooth functions that also supported music player functions. Once you connect your phone with the car, you can select your list of songs from the car's infotainment screen. 

3. USB Cable

The next innovation that surfaced in the world of connecting phones with cars is USB connectivity. Some cars allowed you access to your phone by connecting your USB cable from your phone to the car's USB port.

This allows you to share almost any type of file across your phone the same way you connect your mobile phone to your computer.

4. Andoid Auto and Applecar play

In our world of today, the two most common operating systems for mobile phones are Android and Apple. This is why the two companies developed software for car infotainment that allowed you full access to your phone from the car.

Once you connect your Android smartphone to your Android Auto enabled car infotainment device, you have full access to all your files from that screen. It also allows you access to your text messages and calls log. Android auto works the same way too.


Android Auto vs Apple Car play

This even allows you access to normal phone applications like Google Maps that cannot be used from your phone while driving in Nigeria. Your car just becomes your new phone, Android Auto for Android phones and Apple Carplay for iPhones.

5. Special Manufacturer Softwares

Auto manufacturers have also developed their own software to allow car owners to easily connect their phones with cars. Toyota has Entune, Mercedes-Benz has the COMMAND system and so on.

Here is a review of the Benz COMMAND system : 

Video: How the Benz Command system works

Some of these software requires you to download their compatible applications on your mobile devices. They are also pretty easy to use.

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What to do if your car has none of these?

Except your car is just really old, there are aftermarket infotainment devices for almost any car out there at affordable prices too. Most people in Nigeria upgrade their infotainment systems because they want full access to their smartphones while driving.


You need to replace your radio with android today

It is almost like you never need your phone while you are driving in newer cars. The only thing you need to do is to keep your phone's battery alive. 

If your car cannot get any of these infotainment upgrades, I am very sad that is your case but all you have to do is change your car and buy a newer car for better access. Most cars from year model 2000 and above all support aftermarket android multimedia infotainment systems. 

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We hope that we have shed a light on why you should connect your phone to your car and more importantly, you know how to connect your phone to your car.

You can get more useful car knowledge like this on our website!

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