Why strong cars aren't safe for you! Your car must crumple to be safe!


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Modern cars seem very weak in terms of strength compared to older cars because they are built with lighter materials but the reason these cars are not as strong as older cars are explained in this article.

I was standing by the road the other day waiting for one of my Instagram followers turned friend to pick me up in his Mercedes-Benz C43 AMG 2018 when a 1970s Ford Bronco that had been converted to a towing truck passed by very slowly. 


A 1970s Ford Bronco (A very strong car), does this make it unsafe?

The body had a very few dents and had rusted at some spots, just by merely looking at this car you would know it's a very strong car in terms of strength. Built out of materials with very great depth and that can resist a high level of impact in a collision.


Strong cars built to last forever

We are always quick to say that automobile manufacturers don't produce strong cars anymore because they want to make more money by reducing the quality of a car's build but what we don't know, is that strong cars are very dangerous to our safety as drivers and occupants.


This rumpled Benz prevents passengers from dying

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Cars today are built out of fiber-glass and lighter materials combination just to allow the car to have a "CRUMPLE ZONE" so that with any type of collision, the driver will feel a very small measure of the impact.

Let me explain further.

You must have heard that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction especially if you did physics as a subject in secondary school. This means when you are driving in your strong car from the 80s with metallic body and bumpers and you experience a high degree of a collision, the reaction of that collision is on the drivers.


Can you see the crumple zone now?

The driver will move with the same amount of force from that collision in the opposite direction and could sustain injuries due to that impact. 

When you are in a modern car with a crumple zone, once you are experiencing a high magnitude of impact from a collision, apart from the airbags that save your life, yeah, the car itself acts as a shock absorber. That front region or the rear region that is not "strong" compresses and reduces the impact you feel. 

Take a look at the images below to understand:


Crash test comparison between an old and new car. (Source: Pinterest)

A crash test was conducted between a modern car and a very strong old car as you can see above. A 2009 Chevrolet Malibu (modern car) and a 1959 Chevrolet Belair (old/strong car). After the crash test, you can see that the robot driver in the Malibu is unhurt and unaffected by the collision because the car saved his life by crumpling while the Belair resisted the crash by all means but couldn't save the robot driver's life because the magnitude of the collision experienced by the car was too much.  

That crumpling/compression is now the reaction that the driver/occupants should have experienced and for every car produced these days, it is mandatory that a crash test is conducted to be sure about the crumpling ability of this car at a very high magnitude of impact with a stationary/moving impact. Until Volkswagen perfects its new technology that will stop car accidents in 2050, crash tests will still be valid.

Watch how crash tests are conducted on cars in the video below:

Video: Crash test on very expensive cars 

Now you can see why those older and stronger cars aren't safe for you? They just save themselves! Can you imagine those selfish cars not willing to die for their owners, unlike new cars we have today? 

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