What you should know when your car is running out of fuel

This article will provide you with tips to avoid empty tank fuel problem, especially when you're in the middle of the road. Check it out!

If you are a motorist for at least 4 to 5 years, you have certainly faced this problem once in your life, the petrol warning light goes off when you are in the middle of nowhere. So how dangerous is this problem and what can we do to handle?

Continue driving when your car running out of fuel?

Driving when the fuel tank is almost empty is similar to you playing a risky game. The worst scenario would be your engine shut down abruptly in the middle of a highway and other multiple vehicles traveling at high speed hit you from behind. In that case, you not only do damage to yourself but other people. On the other hand, the best case is no one gets hurt, your vehicle stucks in the middle of nowhere where there's no one for help.

a service truck carrying a green sedan

Calling for emergency in the middle of nowhere is very costly

Also, driving your vehicle while knowing that the fuel is close to zero could inflict serious damage to your car, especially diesel engine because some parts will be severely damaged due to the air leaking in, such as nozzle injectors and the pump system

When the fuel level is close to empty, the residue petrol will be kept at the bottom of the tank thus reducing the performance of the engine. Also, the other parts of the car will be damaged more quickly.

Calculate when the fuel is close to empty

In order to calculate the exact amount of petrol, we need a buoy. There is a sensor attached to this buoy and it will send out signals to ECU from which say either the level is high or low. Note that sometimes you'll see the level change from low to high, it's totally normal as it might have resulted from bumpy roads. You should know that the signals the ECU received is just a basic and simple signal, and that you should not trust this signal completely.

a fuel meter
Know how to calculate the time fuel runs out!

Based on the type of vehicles, the level of fuel consumption, each car will have different travel distance. The condition of the roads you are driving on is also a major factor that affects this matter.

So each and every driver should be cautious and need to pick the safest and most appropriate choice when their fuel is on the "red warning."

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