What you must do when a tanker is involved in an accident


Posted by: Oluwaseun Adeniji

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When a fuel tanker is involved in an accident, the best thing to do move away from that spot to avoid getting burnt from a possible explosion. Read here!

Over the last couple of years, there have been accidents along major roads involving multiple vehicles. Some of these terrible accidents claimed many lives and properties. One very accident you do not want to be close to is when a fuel tanker is involved. Many Nigerians see this as an opportunity and they start approaching the tanker in numbers with their different containers to fill with fuel from the tanker. Though some might have gone scot free but on some occasions, those people got burnt beyond recognition from the fuel tanker explosion. Naijauto has come up with 5 things you should do immediately when there is a tanker accident around you.

Safety tips when a tanker is involved in an accident

1 - Be wary of explosion

One thing you should always have at the back of your mind when a tanker is involved in an accident is that it is full of fuel. This does not mean you should approach it with your container to take fuel. It means you should be careful around that tanker. Sometimes you will be lucky to see the liquid dripping off to warn you of possible explosion since the liquid is highly inflammable. Best thing to do is to keep off.

2 - Flee from the scene

This is when you put bravery aside and run for your safety. It is very unwise to attempt to observe a fallen tanker at a close range. By doing so, you are putting your life at serious jeopardy. Run from the accident scene as much as your leg can carry you. When running, you need to be smart too. Do not run towards the direction where there is oil spillage.

Some people when seeing oil leaking from the tanker even approach the vehicle to scoop fuel, but doesn't know that might be the last time others see them in life.


A fuel tanker always carries highly inflammable liquid that can explode quickly

3 - Refrain from taking pictures or video

One very habit common with people now is using accident as an opportunity to trend on social media. When you see them showing concern, you feel they are touched; you will be surprised when you start seeing them taking out their phones to take pictures to boost their online presence. When you do that close to a tanker that is involved in an accident, you are putting your safety into question. In a split second, such a person can be consumed by fire from the exploded fuel tanker.

4 - Leave your car if possible

No matter how expensive your car might be, you cannot put a price on your life. When your car is close to a place where there is an accident that involves a fuel tanker, the best thing to do is to leave that car and run for your life. You will be surprised that many horrible explosions that claim people’s lives are because they value their vehicles more than their safety. Do not act smart! Leave that car and if time permits you, take important items in the car like document, identity card, certificate and driver license with you. If time does not, better you leave those things and flee from the scene.

See how over 50 cars burnt in Lagos tanker explosion

5 - Inform the authority

You can be a life saver in an accident that involves a tanker. By making a quick call immediately when it happens, you might save life and salvage the situation. This is because your important call will bring the attention of fire service and other emergency agencies to respond promptly to the scene and prevent the situation from getting worse.

Remember, your safety should be given a topmost priority. Do not act too smart in a potentially explosive accident.

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Oluwaseun Adeniji
Oluwaseun Adeniji

Oluwaseun Adeniji

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