What to note for commercial and taxi drivers amid Coronavirus concerns


Posted by: Hassana Obi

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Infectious disease Covid-19 keeps stealing the lives of people across the globe. Here's how drivers could do to prevent the outbreak of this deadly disease!

Facing the perilous outbreak of new disease Coronavirus or the new official name Covid-19, starting from Wuhan, China, World Health Organization (WHO) has now declared the emergency state across the globe. For this reason, it is a very urgent call to the frequent drivers as well as service drivers to consider when getting behind the wheel.


The Covid-19 outbreak is causing overwhelming concerns all over the world

In the morning of January 31, 2020, in Geneva, Switzerland, the World Health Organization (WHO), declared a state of medical emergency worldwide. Up to the date of this post , there have been 422.614 cases confirmed infected while 18.892 have died of the disease related to Coronavirus (nCoV) (March 25, 3:30 AM- Nigerian time). These figures have outnumbered what the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) also commencing in China during 2002-2003.

As the situation escalated in the last few days, Nigeria must also be very alert of the spread of Covid-19 (the official name for the new coronavirus announced by WHO). Plus, at a very sensitive time that Oye-Ob, Nigeria has just detected new cases of a strange disease that has cost the lives 15 only after 48 hours of being infected last month, it requires all Nigerian residents and especially drivers to keep themselves off from people suspected of cold or flu syndromes, wild animals, and maintain sanitized for both themselves and people around.

What service drivers need to always bear in mind

Infectious diseases can be prevented by face masks. It is necessary for both drivers and passengers to wear those masks to steer clear of infections by coughs or sneezes of the patients of Coronavirus.


WHO's instruction on when to use a face mask

The video below was published by WHO to teach people how to wear a face mask properly, check out:

Video: What is the correct way to wear and dispose of masks?

Specialists also warned people of the possibility of spreading the deadly virus via contact of surfaces left on by the Covid-19 patients. Therefore, every driver should prepare masks and water sanitizers to offer his passengers when necessary. Aside from these must-haves, service drivers are encouraged to inspect and sterilize common places that passengers would most likely to make contact with. This should be done very frequently.

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Dirty places in the car to take care of

Even when the Covid-19 is not having the peaked concerns at the moment, motorists are still advised to stay close to hygiene as many places in the car are not that clean like people think. According to research done by Healthy House Institute (HHI), specializing in bacteria study in America, inside the car is where hosts much more bacteria than other places, especially commercial vehicles as it delivers the service to lots of people. Of course, one important factor that decides the outbreak of the bacteria is whether the weather is hot or cold but It seems like Nigeria is perfect for bacteria to make their home.


Commercial vehicles rank as the dirtiest type of vehicle

HHI points out that the grossest place in a car is located on the different types of buttons, especially rubber ones. The reason is that those spots are used on a daily basis, however, very hard-headed to clean.  Coming as second is the safety seatbelts while the window button, steering wheel, seat upholstery, cupholder, and bonnet surface, respectively, follow.

Also from research by HHI, it was revealed that the bacteria add up according to different types of vehicles. For example, vans, as commercial vehicles, are the most filthy, then the SUV, and sedan. Astonishingly, HHI found out cars of female drivers are dirtier than the ones owned by men who are without kids alongside so often like the opposite sex.

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Interestingly, female drivers' cars are grosser according to HHI study


Without having to deal with kids, men's cars are of better hygiene

A study about hygiene by Netquote discloses an understandable fact that commercial cars used for sharing and rental service are way higher chances of being filthy then normal taxies. Specifically, the most filthy is cars for sharing service which are three times and eight times dirtier than rental cars and normal taxis, respectively. Worst than that, a figure shown by Netquote suggests that an Uber or Lyft in America has 35.000 times more bacteria than a taxi.

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