5 ways kids do get hurt while in a car

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Kids will always act like kids. To avoid some unwanted injuries while they are inside the car, you need to be proactive towards keeping them safe in the car. Click here to see 5 injuries kids get inside car!

It natural that kids love exploring wherever they find themselves – in a car, at home or even at the least expected places. Because of their nature, they attempt things adults could only dream of. Unlike adults, children hardly recognize danger, which makes them very vulnerable.

When you put your kids in the car, you should be proactive to their safety enough since they can do a lot of things whether harmful or not. It is necessary to put some safety measures into place to avoid unwanted circumstances. Here on Naijauto are the 5 ways your kids can get hurt while in a car.

1. Opening car’s door while in motion

For safety purpose, the doors of the car are meant to be closed and properly locked. When the kids open the door when the car is in motion, it might possibly cause serious injury or even lead to serious damage on the car. The child safety lock in the car is installed to prevent situation like this. Ensure you activate it when your kids are inside the car.

2. Children sticking out their heads through the window

Kids are fond of sticking out their heads or other parts of their body especially when the car is in motion. This could be very dangerous as it might cost them their lives during possible collision. This is why it is very important to restrict them as much as possible by winding up the windows to an extent when they can’t put their body parts out.


It might sound exciting but it is obviously not safe when kids stick out their body parts while a vehicle is in motion

3. Injury accustomed with power window

This might sound a bit strange thinking how a power window could harm your kids. When the power window is closed on their wrists, fingers or hand, they could get injured by this or even get strangled in worst case scenario.

Make sure you operate the power window safely when you have kids in the car and ensure the kids are restricted from operating the power window as much as possible.

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4. Heatstroke

Never leave kids alone in a heated vehicle. This intense heat could cause rise in temperature, hereby leading to possible death if care is not taken. This kind of occurrence is a fatality that is not crash related.

5. Seat belt entanglement

When a kid pulls out seatbelt wrapped around his or her waist, wrist or neck, it could lead to entanglement. More seriously, wearing seatbelts improperly could also cause seat belt syndrome which has been explained in our article here: Seat belt syndrome: what you should know to protect your family! Please check for further information.


Make sure your kids are properly belted to the seat for exciting and safe driving

Make sure your children are safe while in your car.

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