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Following simple steps for vehicle registration verification in Nigeria are interesting facts around this procedure and most expensive plates in the world. Check it out!

FRSC vehicle registration verification

To do FRSC vehicle registration verification online, you just need to follow some simple steps as below:

1. Visit Federal Road Safety Corps’ website for vehicle registration verification in Nigeria. The web address is:

3. Enter your car plate number into the search box. Only letters and numbers are allowed. Space is not accepted (for example: APP345HF)

4. Click on Verify and wait to see your number plate’s authenticity.

FRSC vehicle check results

How to check car plate number on FRSC website

The result will show the type of vehicle registered with that plate number. If it doesn’t match with your transport or no results are returned, high chances are you’re carrying a fake vehicle registration plate.

Lagos car registration verification

Thanks to the development of technology and Lagos government’s endeavor in cutting down time on redundant procedures, you can check car registration number verification on MVAA website.

Follow these guidelines to do online vehicle registration verification in Lagos:

1. Go to the motor vehicle registration search of MVAA at

2. Type in your car plate number in the box

3. Click “Search”

The result is registration details from MVAA public records, including plate number, vehicle color, car model, chassis number, vehicle status, issue date and also expiry date so that you know when to renew it.

Lagos MVAA vehicle tracker

Details revealed after the plate number is verified

Do you know these facts about vehicle registration plate?

So now you know how to verify vehicle registration number. Easy right? But don’t exit yet, stay for a few more minutes with to read through these interesting facts around vehicle registration and car number plate not only in Nigeria but also all over the world.

Ownership of registered number plate can’t be transferred.

This means you can’t sell your car with attached number plate registered under your name. Nor can you stick the number plate of current transport to the new vehicle you buy.

If you want to separate the number plate with its registered vehicle, you must present required documents to the police for their clearance. Then, submit the application to in-charge authorities who belong to the State of your last registration.

However, this can only be applied to mainstream car plates, owners of out of series or fancy number plates are recommended to apply for a fresh fancy plate. Affixing an unregistered out of series or a fancy number plate to a random vehicle is against the traffic laws and regulations.

The most expensive vehicle registration plates on Earth

Number 5: Label M1 – N152.2 million

In 2006, Mike McCoomb was willing to pay €373,000, equivalent to around N152.2 million for the number plate labelled “M1.” According to Mike’s sharing, the number plate was his birthday gift to his 6-year-old son although the boy wouldn’t drive a car with that plate till 12 years later.

a Bentley with M1-labelled plate

This top-of-the-world Bentley with M1 plate was owned by a 6-year-old then

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Number 4: Label 1D – N162.5 million

Again, the expensive number plate was bought as a present. A Lebanese businessman living in London had paid €398,000 (~N162.5 million) to get this plate for his wife’s Rolls Royce. Such a romantic guy, isn’t he?

Number 3: Label F1 – N203.2 million

The man who bought this plate was Afzal Khan from the UK. He paid €498,000 (~N203.2 million) to own F1 labeled plate in 2008 and attached it to his Mercedes SLR McLaren. It was rumored that he was then offered €6 million, equal to N2.5 billion for an exchange but he refused.

Number 2: Label 5 – N1.6 billion

In 2007, Mr.Khoury from the United Arab Emirates had spent €4 million (~N1.6 billion) acquiring the license plate with single number – 5. In the same auction, he also won to own “55”-labelled car plate but with a bit less money.

an Emirates auction in UAE

The atmosphere of a thrilling Emirates auction for car plate numbers

Number 1: Label 1 – N5.2 billion

On exactly February 16th, ten years ago, the businessman Saeed Abdul Ghafour Khouri was reported to have paid €8 million (~N3.2 billion) to buy the one-of-a-kind number plate which was labelled “1” at an Emirates auction in Abu Dhabl. The plate is made of ordinary aluminum.

Saeed Abdul Ghafour Khouri and car number plate

Mr. Saeed Abdul Ghafour Khouri and his N5.2 billion plate

However, many other sources confirmed this guy actually paid up to $14.3 million, equivalent to N5.2 billion to own this unique car plate.

The managing director of Emirates Auctions shared their job was to instill in citizens here the idea that a prestigious automobile without a unique license plate was worth nothing. Everyone might change their cars but a fancy customized number plate will go with them for the lifetime.

Just in that year, within 5 auctions for 393 number plates, the organization had raised up to $56 million (~N20.3 billion) for charity, especially to support victims of traffic accidents.

9 Nigerian celebs having personalised number plates


With the constant upgrades in public services, Nigerians are able to do their vehicle registration verification online after several clicks or even via SMS system. In the near future, we hope that all car-related procedures can be done that quickly too. Not only is it time-saving but this can save a lot of money for extra charges at the office.

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