Detailed guidelines for Vehicle Particulars Renewal in Nigeria


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The first vehicle particulars for a brand new car in Nigeria runs for at least four years, and the cars older than four years need vehicle particulars renewal. Check below for detailed instructions how you can renew the document in Nigeria!

The vehicle inspection office (VIO) in Nigeria has seen partnership Courtsville business solution company which improved the registration and vehicle licensing processes to becomes easier and encouraging for drivers and car owners in the country. The solution known as Autoreg has provided the essential services which it promised and the company has been able to manage a credible database since 2007.

1. What you should know about vehicle particulars in Nigeria

The first vehicle particulars for a brand new car in Nigeria runs for at least four years, and the cars older than four years need vehicle particulars renewal. It is obvious that the majority of cars in the country falls into this range. The licensing authorities do not allow so much period of grace, so car owners have to renew their particulars a few weeks before expiry. These are the documents that make up the vehicle particulars in Nigeria:

  • Vehicle license
  • Roadworthiness certificate
  • Insurance document

The renewal process can be done online majorly; this is the procedure which private establishments follow to assist car owner renew their particulars. You can take the option of using a private licensing assistance organization, or go directly through the process.


The vehicle particulars need renewal every 4 year

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2. Procedure to renew vehicle particulars in Nigeria

When car owners need a vehicle particulars renewal in Nigeria, they need to be updated with the actual costs of getting those documents. Also, they need to be aware of the proper documents and requirements which the licensing office will request. We will guide you with information on requirements, costs and steps as follows:

a. Steps for vehicle license:

1. Visit a vehicle licensing office and present the expired documents.

2. The person attending to you will need to input the following information on the Autoreg vehicle database:

  • Vehicle owner’s name
  • Vehicle owner’s address
  • Vehicle owner’s phone number
  • Vehicle owner’s email address
  • Driver’s license number
  • Vehicle registration number
  • Place of issue
  • State of registration
  • Chassis number of vehicle
  • Engine number
  • Name and policy number of Insurer
  • Vehicle type
  • Vehicle capacity

3. After completing the data entry, the specific amount to be paid will be generated by the system

4. The attendant will give the vehicle owner a PIN code scratch card; this code is a password attached to the details of the vehicle particulars.

5. The new license will then be available with the license number and chassis number details still the same as the old license.

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b. Steps for Roadworthiness:

The roadworthiness certificate should be processed at the vehicle licensing office also; they will require that;

  1. You provide an identification card or document.
  2. Make payment with respect to the type of vehicle you are trying to get the certificate for.
  3. Complete the application for certificate of roadworthiness (ACR) form
  4. The certificate will be given to you as soon as they confirm your vehicle insurance which you can do there as well, or maybe you can provide even before going to the licensing office.


To get your vehicle particulars renewal in Nigeria, make sure you prepare sufficient doccuments

c. Steps for vehicle insurance policy:

Choose an insurance company which is accredited and recognized by the Federal Government of Nigeria:

  1. Log onto their website and create an account for vehicle insurance
  2. Choose the insurance class you want from their options
  3. Make payment with your card or at the bank
  4. Print the insurance policy document

You could also allow the attendants at the licensing office take care of this process for you; they will need the document to complete your roadworthiness certification process.

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3. Cost of vehicle particulars renewal in Nigeria

The cost of renewing vehicle particulars for different vehicles types in Nigeria is as follows:

a. Standard renewal cost for vehicle particulars

  • Vehicle license - ₦2,500
  • Roadworthiness - ₦4,450
  • Insurance policy - ₦5,000
  • Total standard vehicle particulars renewal cost = ₦11,950

b. Particulars renewal cost for saloon cars with engine size above 2.5cc

  • Vehicle license - ₦3,000
  • Roadworthiness - ₦5,200
  • Insurance policy - ₦5,000
  • Total = ₦13,200


SUVs vehicle particulars renewal cost the same as saloons

c. Particulars renewal cost for SUV vehicles

  • Vehicle license - ₦3,000
  • Roadworthiness - ₦5,200
  • Insurance policy - ₦5,000
  • Total = ₦13,200

d. Particulars renewal cost for SUV vehicles with engine size above 3.6cc

  • Vehicle license - ₦3,700
  • Roadworthiness - ₦5,200
  • Insurance policy - ₦5,000
  • Total = ₦13,900

Your next vehicle particulars renewal in Nigeria should be easier and straightforward now that you have been informed properly about the process. No more long queues and delays that last for a few weeks for the renewal of vehicle particulars. You should feel free to use the private agency or direct options and ensure that the particulars renewal is done properly to avoid any embarrassments.

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