Uber for kids: A guide for requesting rides with little children

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Before you request an Uber ride for a child, you need to be aware of the dos and don'ts to ensure their safety. Click below to read stipulated guidelines!

Uber needs no introduction in Nigeria. Anyone living in the city is most likely familiar with the platform. Having identified a yearning of the masses for a comfortable and convenient mode of transportation, founders of the taxi service came into the market. And before long, they were everywhere, with thousands of people patronizing them.

Adults make up a chunk of Uber’s customer base; they are the ones with the finances to afford the service. But that does not erase the fact that kids also ride in Uber. Hence, there is the need to acknowledge and ensure their maximum safety.

Kids are yet to have the physical and emotional strength to handle stress as well as adults. It is important that they are well taken care of while boarding a taxi. Naijauto outlines factors to consider in this regard.

These are four things to consider when getting an Uber ride for kids in Nigeria.

1. Obey the age limit policy

Uber makes it clear on their website that the age limit for passengers to use their service is 18 years. In other words, any one below the age of 18 is not eligible to request an Uber ride independently. Over the years, the company has demonstrated that it prioritizes safety. As a result of this, people boarding their taxi independently must be old enough to look after themselves.

But there is an exception.


Do not leave your child alone in the back seat

Kids can take Uber rides when accompanied by an adult. The adult serves as their guardian at that point in time and takes responsibility of their well being. As an adult, do not request a ride for your family or friends below the age of 18 as this is against the company’s policy.

Uber has the right to request for an ID if they have any reason to suspect that a passenger boarding their taxi alone is below 18 years. If it is confirmed that the passenger is under aged, they can decline the ride.

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2. Make provision for child seats

Uber cars are just like every other car; they are tailored for adults by default. If you intend to take a ride with kids below the age of 7, the company advises that you make provision of a child seat in order to keep them secure during the ride. With child seats, they can be well strapped in one position to prevent them from falling off if the vehicle drives across potholes or makes sudden movements.

The Nigerian Highway Code stipulates that kids aged 7 and above must use a seat belt while driving. Not adhering to this is against the rules. Uber does not make provision for child seats. It is advised that you come along with yours when requesting for a ride with kids below the age of 7.

3. Share your trip with loved ones

Peace of mind is key when taking Uber rides. It is important that your loved ones know exactly where you are, just in case something goes wrong. The app is wired to allow you share your location with those that matter.

If you are a parent taking a ride with your child, you might want your partner to know the progress of your trip. To do this, you can use the “share status“ feature provided on the app. As the ride progresses, the person(s) you have chosen to share the trip with keeps a tab on your movements. This minimizes issues of passengers getting lost in transit. Your loved ones will be ease knowing that you and your child are safe.

Before using the “share trip” feature, you are required to choose about 5 people from your contact whom you can share your trip status with.

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Ensure that your child is well strapped to the seat for their safety

4. Leverage the Uber family profile

Uber recognizes the importance of having a close-knit family. Rather than have individual accounts, a family of five people can make use of one account, thanks to the family profile. When you set up an Uber family profile, five people whom you have added to the profile can request for rides using the payment details you provided.

If your kids have to be taken somewhere (in the company of another adult), you do not have to worry about how you will make payment for the ride. They can simply make a request to any destinations on your bill.

There are many gory stories about leaving kids in the care of drivers whom you cannot vouch for. Uber drivers do not exceed a certain speed limit. You can be rest assured that your kids will get to there destination safely.

Taking an Uber ride with kids is enjoyable when passengers adhere to the rules. In the end, your safety and that of your kids is paramount. A few rules to ensure that safety are not too much, are they?

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