4 types of distracting songs you should not listen to when driving


Posted by: Kennedy Ilediagu

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Many drivers enjoy listening to their favorite musicians while driving! But what if their kind of music isn't ideal? Here are 4 types of distracting songs you should not listen to when driving.

There used to be a saying that music is food for the mind and soul. Since pretty much everyone put their minds into driving, it's best that you feed it with the right kind of food. The same way eating some foods can have your stomach running like a marathon, driving to the wrong kind of music can lead you to step on the wrong pedal and drive recklessly.

An experiment was once carried out in the USA where 4 men and 4 women were given cars to drive for 500 miles. They were asked to drive without music for the half the journey and with several types of songs for the rest of the trip. Their steering pattern, braking and speed were monitored.

The men and women who drove to Hip Hop and heavy rock songs kept speeding past the other participants. Erratic driving was also noticed, and it came with sudden last minute braking. Those listening to slow songs drove differently. With that experiment, it shows that the music you listen to can affect your driving pattern. Therefore, Naijauto brings you here the types of distracting songs you should not listen to when driving. We will also add a few others that can make your ride smooth.

1. Loud and high tempo songs

Songs where the musician sings really loud are not ideal for when you're driving. They not only prevent you from listening to your car but can also be a distraction. Party in the USA by Miley Cyrus, Highway to hell by ACDC, Free Madness by Terry G, Shoki by Lil Kesh, On fire by Kings of Leon, and the Greatest Show by Hugh Jack, are a few of such songs. This kind of music does well in the club, and since your car isn't one, it's only right that you stay sane while in it. Singing along to the songs can distract you and prevent you from hearing any noises your car might be making at the time.

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You can get too excited when listening to the high-tempo songs

2. Fast songs

Songs with fast beats or in which the musician sings or raps fast aren't good for you to drive to. This is because you would likely be too aroused or excited to keep your eyes on the road.

Furthermore, your hand and leg movements might follow the beats of the song or the voice of the singer, causing you to drive erratically. Some of these fast songs include - Kukere by Iyanya, Overnight Celebrity by Twista, all songs by Bone Thugs and Harmony, most Makossa songs and club songs. These songs also gets your adrenaline pumping and you might lose your composition.


Fast songs make drivers run faster and more recklessly as well

3. Songs with irregular beats and tempo

Lots of classical songs fall under this category. This kind of music usually starts slow paced and then go high and fast. In fact, in the experiment stated earlier, classical music was one of the genres used. This also debunks the myth that it is best to drive to classical music or songs composed by an orchestra. The violins and flutes are inconsistent and trying to follow the pattern can cause you to brake and accelerate irregularly.

The participants in the experiment drove dangerously while listening to classicals than when no music is playing at all. Aside classicals, EDM-driven pop songs like Turn down for what by DJ Snake, Without U by David Guetta ft. Usher, One Kiss by Calvin Harris ft, Dua lipa are some of such songs.


EDM music arouses high excitement from the drivers, distracting them from the road

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4. Sad songs

On a very good day, you shouldn't be driving when you're sad. Therefore, sad songs will only get you in that mood and make you depressed. Once you're depressed, you might start recalling all horrible encounters you've had and decide to drive off a cliff. Hence, sad moody songs are a no no! Some of those songs include - Stan by Eminem, Bibanke by Ada, Omoge mi by P-square, Wiser by Flavour, all songs by Adele.

5. Bonus: Songs you can drive to

It would only be unfair to list the types of songs you should not drive to, and leave out those that make the ride smooth. Songs that have less than 60 beats per second make an ideal playlist for you to drive to.

Dr. Simon Moore, a London psychologist, stated that such slow and easy groovy songs do not escalate your heart beat or excite you into erratic behavior. Some of such songs include - Soke by Burna Boy, Repete by Black Magic, Tiny Dancer by Elton John, the Scientist by Coldplay, Jamb question by Simi, and Come away with me by Norah Jones. A wide range of jazz, blues and contemporary music can also be driven to. What matters is staying sane and being articulate while driving.


You are advised to select songs of less than 60 beats per second

Disclaimer: With all due respect, we at Naijauto do not have any issues with the songs or artistes listed. We simply want to ensure your safety on the road. Therefore, feel free to listen to these songs when you're at home, the club or at a choice destination.

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Kennedy Ilediagu
Kennedy Ilediagu

Kennedy Ilediagu


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