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Bicycles are ow more appealing following the ban of keke and Okada. Check out the various types of bicycles and their price range here in Nigeria.

When it comes to owning and riding a bike, there are varying reasons why people take to it. Some do it for exercise purposes, others for sports while others use it to run errands and as a means of personal transport. However, before we proceed any further into more details, let's go down memory lane and dig up a little history about bicycles and how they came into existence.

History of bicycles 

The earliest bicycle was called the velocipede and was developed in the 1830s. The name bicycle came some 30 years later in the 1860s. Bicycles became popular in Nigeria through the colonial masters who imported them from their countries. Any civil servant or middle-class person, at that time, generally took fancy to owning a Raleigh, which was the most popular brand at that time.

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Bicycles as sport

As sport cycling is fast becoming a thing in the country, the Nigerian government has taken steps to encourage its citizens to take up cycling as a means of transport for their day-to-day running. In fact, in 2017 a project to adopt the bicycle as a means of transportation was launched in the FCT, and the minister of transportation urged other states to follow suit.


Bicycles is becoming a go-to transport option especially in Lagos

Bicycle use in Nigeria today

Clearly Bicycles seem to be getting a lot more attention as road traffic gets worse especially in the cities across the country. This trend is due in no small part to the rising rural-urban migration and the exploding population that is estimated to cross 300 million by 2050. Compounding this situation is the fact that, a number of states across the country including Lagos State have placed bans on Keke Napep and Okada, effectively limiting the transportation options available to the public.

Consequently, people are looking out for alternative means of moving around and this is where bicycle transportation comes in. Now, let's review the various types and classes of bicycles there are. 

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Classes of bicycles

Bicycles are generally classified according to their use case or purpose, as well as according to their mode of operation. We will highlight the two main classifications below;

Classification based on their use case or purpose.

  • Touring bicycles
  • Road Bicycles
  • Commuting bicycles
  • Sports bicycle

Classification based on the mode of operation

  • Manual pedaling bicycles
  • Pedaling assist
  • Electric bicycles or full power bicycles.

Factors to consider when choosing a bicycle

  • Size of the bicycle, determined by the size of the rider
  • Terrain/topography to be ridden, this determines whether to go for mountain or road bicycles
  • Speed consideration

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Factors that determine the cost of bicycles

  • The brand of bicycle
  • Specifications; specs include but not limited to
  1. operational mode: manually operated, pedal-assist or full power (electrically operated)
  2. extra accessories like horn, LED lamps, luggage rack, water-proof seats, etc.
  • Whether it is new or fairly used.
  • Size of the tires also determine the cost of the bicycle

Bicycle price in Nigeria

Beach cruiser: (71,000 – 132,000)

The price range goes for a low of seventy-one thousand Naira and as high as one hundred and thirty-two thousand Naira.


Beach Bikes design for fun on that beach


  • High handlebars
  • Adapted for short distances on flat topography
  • Has fenders and chain guards
  • Few speed Dynamics.

Tandem: (94,000 – 220,000)


Meant for two riders simultaneously


  • Built for two simultaneous riders
  • The blind could also ride behind a lead rider
  • The two pedals are mutually exclusive that is their movement is independent
  • Adapted for fun rides on smooth surfaces

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Time trial or triathlon: (40,000 – 4,000,000)


Built for time trial events


  • Built for time trial events
  • Specially built road bicycles
  • Handlebars are shaped like bull horns in forward-facing directions also includes aerodynamics bars embedded with shifters

Kids bicycle: (9,000 – 83,000)


Comes with bigger and wider Tires of more stability


  • For children and kids
  • Embedded safety features for child protection
  • Braced rear wheel for balance (optional)

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Recumbent bicycles: (140,000 – 920,000)


Pricing of the Recumbent Bikes start at about 100,000


  • Most recumbent bike without wheels are installed in gym facilities for fitness purposes
  • Seats are lower to the ground
  • Allows the rider to turn a wider range of gear leaning against the backrest
  • Between two and four wheels variation
  • Riding is on a smooth surface

Commuting bicycle: (330,000 – 460,000)


Comes with features like Headlamps and Bag racks


  • For general transport regardless of the style or make of the bicycle
  • Contains lots of accessories such as headlamps, rear racks, bags etc.

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Folding bicycles: (50,000 – 278,000)


Can easily be folded and carried off       


  • They are collapsible
  • Travelling companion
  • Can easily be folded and taken anywhere, for camping activities and saving coat at the same time

Tack/fixed gear bicycle: (58,000 - 180,000)


This type of bike does not allow for coasting meaning rider must paddle always


  • Single geared bicycle
  • It does not coast, that is the rider has to pedal always
  • No brakes
  • Track bicycles are used indoors
  • Fixed gear bicycles are the outdoor version and may have brakes embedded.
  • Used mostly by racers for training.

BMX/ Trick bicycles

Kids - (30,000 – 50,000)

Adults - (80,000 – 1,100,000)


They are for racing around dirt-track and racing pits


  • Abbreviation for bicycle motor cross
  • Single-speed bicycles
  • They are for racing around dirt-track just like in motorsport
  • 20inch wheeler
  • Performs jumps and tricks
  • They are the most popular in Nigeria.

Road Bicycles: (44,000 – 932,000)


Pricing for Brand New Road Bikes start at 44,000


  • Traditional skinny tires
  • Downturn or drop handlebars
  • Roadmasters very efficient and fast
  • Has bigger diameter tires which allow for easy gliding along the road with little effort.
  • Adjustable handlebars for changing grip from upright to more aggressive downward grip.

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Hybrid/Comfort Bicycles: (22,000 – 146,000)


Hybrid bicycles are similar to road bicycles but come with bigger tires


  • Hybrid bicycles are similar to road bicycles in outlook but come with larger tires
  • Comfort bicycles are mountain-like with smaller wheels.
  • Both ride well on smooth dirt, paved trail, cycling trips
  • Upright  for maximum comfort
  • Aside the diameter of the tires all other features are the same for hybrid and comfort bicycles.

Mountain Bicycles: (28,000 – 286,000)


Mountain Bikes come with Rugged Frames and are fitted with suspension systems


  • wide knobby tires
  • ridden over obstacles, in loose dirt
  • has flat handlebars
  • fitted with suspensions to aid cyclists to navigate areas with rugged terrain.
  • Rugged frames and components.

Used bicycle Prices in Nigeria

Fairly used bicycles are relatively cheaper, bicycles generally have a very long life span with almost zero maintenance cost, below are some fairly used bicycles (tokunbo bikes as it is popularly called in Nigeria) and the bicycle prices in Nigeria. Be sure to visit trusted bicycle shops in Nigeria to make your purchase.

  • Sportbikes: (between 16,000 and 55,000)
  • Toddlers bikes: (between 9,000 and 25,000)
  • Babies bikes: (between GN8,000 and 34,000)

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