Traffic offences in Nigeria and penalties by FRSC


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Check out a comprehensive list of 38 traffic offences in Nigeria and their penalties issued by FRSC.

When you break a traffic rule and you wish to waive your right to a court trial, then you can pay a penalty for the particular offence.

38 FRSC (Federal Road Safety Corps) traffic offences and their penalties

38 FRSC (Federal Road Safety Corps) traffic offences and their penalties

Following is a table of traffic offences in Nigeria along with their corresponding penalties issued by FRSC. 

Traffic offences and penalties in Nigeria
 Offence  Penalty
 Traffic sign/light violation                                  N2,000
 Route violation                                                     N5,000
 Road obstruction               N3,000
 Dangerous driving                                            N50,000
 Driver’s licence violation                 N10,000
 Vehicle licence violation                 N3,000
 Speed limit violation        N3,000
 Driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs  N5,000
 Driving without a windshield or with shattered windshield     N3,000
 Driving with a flat tyre or without a spare tyre          N3,000
 Overloading         N5,000
 Driving a vehicle with forgery or falsification of car registration               N20,000
 Driving without seat belt                N2, 000
 Failure to report accidents       N20,000
 Wrongful overtaking       N3,000
 Vehicle number plate violation    N3,000
 Road marking violation    N5,000
 Use of phone while driving           N4,000
 Caution sign violation       N3,000
 Tampering with or unauthorized removal of road signs    N5,000
 Inadequate construction warning              N50,000
 Don't move violation     N2,000
 Construction area speed violation  N3,000
 Failure to cover unstable materials            N5,000
 Failure to move over       N3,000
 Excessive smoke emission          N5,000
 Attempting to corrupt marshal    N10,000
 Failure to fix red flag on projected load    N3,000
 Assaulting marshal on duty          N10,000
 The rejection of accident victim(s) by hospitals and or medical   personnel(s)   N50,000  
 Custody fee  N200 per day after 24   hours
 Obstructing marshal on duty   N2,000
 Failure to install speed limit devices     N3,000
 Driving a vehicle without specified fire extinguishers  N3,000
 Mechanically deficient vehicles     N5,000
 Driving a passenger service vehicle without passenger manifest   N10,000 
 Riding a motorcycle without a crash helmet     N2,000
 Driving vehicles while under 18 years  N2,000

Please note that all the fines must be paid to the Federal Government Revenue Account in commercial banks or via If you pay through Remita platform, follow these below steps:

  • 1) Select “Pay FG Agency”
  • 2) Select “FRSC under MDAs”
  • 3) Select “Offences” to make the payment for fines and complete all compulsory fields.

Finally, take your printout to the Federal Road Safety Corps office who made your booking.

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