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Do you know traffic offences and the fines or penalties stipulated by law for each of them? Worry no more as this guide got your back. Know all offences.

Have you ever been stopped by a traffic warden, FRSC official, or if you stay in Lagos, a LASTMA officer, and you couldn’t make head or tails of what they were saying? Don’t sweat it, you are not alone in this as so many drivers don’t have a clue about traffic regulations, road signs, traffic offences-or the likely punishments if you contravene them.

In Nigeria, the Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC) has been entrusted with the statutory responsibilities of road safety administration. The Corps works hard to ensure the expressways are safe, educate motorists and other road users, and when need be, also punish offenders with various stipulated fines and other penalties.

These fines are there to help eliminate bad driving or traffic offences by motorists. In this article, will be listing and explaining various traffic offences and the fines they attract.

Before we begin, you should note that the FRSC is restricted to Federal roads and expressways only. That is, any inter-state road or federal government-built bridges or flyovers. They have no authority by law to operate on State government constructed roads.


FRSC monitors federal roads and regulates usage

Before we jump into listing the traffic offences, there are certain terms you need to understand in the table, which are:

  1. TICK INFRINGEMENT(S): This is the traffic offence(s) that can attract a fine or penalty point.
  2. CODE: The abbreviations of the tick infringement(s).
  3. POINTS: Also known as penalty points. This is a point given for a traffic offence and accumulated by a driver. If a driver receives a maximum number of these points, he may be warned or have his vehicle license withdrawn or suspended.
  4. PENALTY: Or fine, is payment of an amount of money made to satisfy a claim of an offence committed.
  5. CATEGORY: Is the category the traffic offences falls into in the documented law.

Having explained the terms here are the traffic offences outlined by FRSC and it explanations. Go through them and try to avoid them.

1 LIGHT/SIGN VIOLATION: failure to use your headlights/rear lights in the night and also failure to use road signs. LSV 2 2000 2
2 ROAD OBSTRUCTION: Obstructing the highway by abnormal parking or repair of faulty vehicles on the road in the wrong manner. Using objects to block the way. Or stopping in the highway in a manner that affects other drivers. ROB 2 2000 1
3 ROUTE VIOLATION: Not using the appropriate route or any route directions given. RTV 5 5000 1
4 SPEED LIMIT VIOLATION: Not abiding by the road speed limit or its maximum. SLV 3 3000 1
5 VEHICLE LICENCE VIOLATION: Driving a vehicle with an expired license or not having a license. VLV 3 3000 2
6 VEHICLE NUMBER PLATE VIOLATION: Driving a vehicle without Number Plates, using a fake Number Plate,
covering the Number Plate, using multiply Number plates, using an expired Number Plate or failure to display Number Plate appropriately.
NPV 3 3000 1
7 DRIVER’S LICENCE VIOLATION: Driving with the wrong or invalid Driver’s License for the ‘category of the vehicle’. Note: when registering a driver's license, make sure it's the right category for your vehicle. DLV 10 10000 2
8 WRONGFUL OVERTAKING: Overtaking a vehicle when it's unsafe or illegal to do so. WOV 3 3000 1
9 ROAD MARKING VIOLATION: Not obeying road markings, regulatory, prohibitory or mandatory
road traffic signs.
RMV 5 5000 1
10 CAUTION SIGN VIOLATION: in the case of broken down vehicle, when not putting a C-caution sign at the front and the rear of the car or not putting in place red light at the rear of the car at night. CSV 3 3000 3
11 DANGEROUS DRIVING: as it simply states, this is when a driver drives in a reckless manner. DGD 10 50000 1
12 DRIVING UNDER ALCOHOL OR DRUG INFLUENCE: when a driver rides under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other psychotropic substance. Popularly called DUI. DUI 5 5000 2
13 OPERATING A VEHICLE WITH FORGED DOCUMENTS: Driving with a forged vehicle registration documents. OFD 10 20000 2
14 UNAUTHORIZED REMOVAL OF OR TAMPERING WITH ROAD SIGNS: Driving a vehicle with oversize loads that are beyond the stated capacity of the car. UTS 5 5000 1
15 DO NOT MOVE VIOLATION: Driving a vehicle on which ‘DO NOT MOVE’ sticker has been pasted on. The ‘DO NOT MOVE’ can be pasted on: a rickety vehicle, a vehicle awaiting towing, or a vehicle suspected to be stolen. DNM 2 2000 2
16 INADEQUATE CONSTRUCTION WARNING: Failure of a road construction company to provide adequate
warning sign, diversion signs or directions signs on a constructions site or repair road.
ICW - 50000 1
17 CONSTRUCTION AREA SPEED LIMIT VIOLATION: Failure to obey speed limits posted at construction sites. CAV 3 3000 1
18 FAILURE TO MOVE OVER: When slowing down, failure to move out of the road when at least four vehicles have queued behind. Or failure to move to a slow lane to make room for cars on higher speeds. FMO 3 3000 1
19 FAILURE TO COVER UNSTABLE MATERIALS: Failure to cover firmly unstable materials such as gravel, sand, refuse which can spill on the road and thus cause havoc. FCM 5 5000 1
20 OVER LOADING: Driving on the highway with a vehicle loaded with too many passengers. OVL 10 10000 1
23 FAILURE TO FIX RED FLAG ON PROJECTED LOAD: Driving a vehicle with a projected load in excess of 2.8m without adequate warning by putting a red flag in day or night time. FFF 3 3000 1
24 FAILURE TO REPORT ACCIDENT: A driver refusing to report his car accident or refusing to report an accident to the agency. FRC 10 20000 1
25 MEDICAL PERSONNEL OR HOSPITAL REJECTION OF ROAD ACCIDENT VICTIM: Hospital or Medical personnel refusing to administer treatment or to accept corpse. RCV - 50000 1
26 ASSAULTING MARSHAL ON DUTY: Attacking and manhandling a road marshal on duty. AMD 10 10000 2
27 OBSTRUCTING MARSHAL ON DUTY: Interference and willful disrupting a Road Marshal on duty. OMD 2 2000 2
28 ATTEMPTING TO CORRUPT MARSHAL: Offering bribes to a road marshal to prevent justice. ACS 10 10000 2
29 CUSTODY FEE: Custom fee impounded on vehicles and motorcycle/tricycle. 200 per day After 24 hours -
30 DRIVING WITHOUT SPECIFIED FIRE EXTINGUISHER: Driving a vehicle without or with an expired fire extinguisher. Also without the appropriate right category of Fire Extinguisher for your car. FEV 3 3000 3
32 DRIVING WITHOUT SEAT BELT: Just as stated. SUV 2 2000 1
33 USE OF PHONE WHILE DRIVING: Just as written. UPD 4 4000 1
34 DRIVING A VEHICLE WHILE UNDER 18 YEARS: Same as written UDR - 2000 1
35 RIDING MOTORCYCLE WITHOUT A CRASH HELMET: When a motorcyclist and his passenger ride without helmets. RMH 2 2000 1
36 EXCESSIVE SMOKE EMISSION: Driving a vehicle with smoke emission that blurs the vision of other road users ESE 5 5000 1
37 MECHANICALLY DEFICIENT VEHICLE: Driving a damaged car on the highway. MDV 5 5000 1

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You can pay a fine for a traffic offense as authorized by the law

According to FRSC, to pay your fines, here is the procedure:

  1. You can pay the prescribed fine(s) into Federal Government Revenue Account in any of the commercial Banks or online using Remita platform accessible through
  2. Select “Pay FG Agency; Select FRSC under MDAs; select “Offences” to pay for fines. Complete the other mandatory fields as applicable. 
  3. Bring the teller/printout to the FRSC office where the booking was made.

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