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Posted by: Kennedy Ilediagu

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There are certain features your car has that your smartphone can work with to make more effective. Therefore, if you use an android phone, here are the top 7 car apps you need to have.

Technological advancements in the world today has made it possible for us to control a lot of things from our mobile phones. Lately, cars have not been left out of the trend. In as much as its not advisable to use your phone while driving, there are certain features your car has that your smartphone can work with to make more effective. Therefore, if you use an android phone, here are the top 7 Android car apps you need to have, suggested by!

1. Google Assistant

Many people use their Google Assistant just for playing music, surfing the internet, sending voice commands and messages. But this app also doubles as a driving assistant. Although not a full driving app, but it helps you multitask instead of always looking at your phone while driving. It's also free to download.

2. Android Auto

This is one important full mode driving app. It enables you use your phone while driving without looking at it. You can access media files, have your text messages read out loud, and you can also reply the texts by speaking to the app. It's hands free. Simply mount it on a holder on the dashboard, open the app and you're good to go. It also helps with navigation, stereo system controls, and of course it's free.


The android auto allows you read messages, make calls and more while driving

3. Car Dashdroid

It works just like the Android Auto app, by allowing you use your phone without touching or looking at it. You can access contacts, make calls, send voice commands, navigate and even access third party apps on your phone. It also has a speedometer and a compass to aid you while driving on unfamiliar roads. You can enjoy these and many other free features it has, before upgrading to the Pro version for about N1,400.

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4. GPS speedometer and Odometer

This app is quite different from the ones previously mentioned. It makes use of your GPS to let you know the speed of your vehicle, so you'll know when to slow down. It also indicates your maximum speed so far and where, total distance covered while driving and your average speed. It's also free but you can upgrade for about N500. It works a lot better online, as the offline calculations might not be 100% accurate.

5. Google Maps

Google Maps is one of the most used driving apps, and it almost goes without saying. It gives you information on what roads to turn, what roads to avoid due to traffic jams, local business places around you, major landmarks and so much more. Lots of tech savvy drivers use it in Nigeria when traveling to cities they have never been to. It's not difficult to use and it also works offline.

You can even see how the street you're entering looks like before you get there, thanks to the Google Street View feature. In country where security issues and traffic jams come up suddenly, you definitely will need this app to help guide you. It's also free to download and use.


Whatever app you use, make sure your phone is kept hands-free

6. Waze

Waze works somewhat like the Google Map but more on how you can navigate through roads. Once online, it sources for on information about traffic conditions, accidents along your route, likely obstacles in the way and more. It also shows you one information Nigerian drivers always seek - where police officers are. This is not a tip for you to run away, but rather seek safety or ensure you have all necessary documents intact. It's free and works a lot better online - since it brings your real time feeds.

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7. Apps made by the car manufacturer

Latest models of most vehicle brands come with apps that enable their features work better. These apps are not o distract you while driving but to provide relevant information you need and make your usage of the car easy. Some of these apps helps check your fuel gauge, engine information, lights and electronic issues. Although many of these apps don't combine the features of all third party apps into one but they always give you some important feed you would likely need. Good thing is, many of these apps are usually free. Some might just have paid upgrades or yearly subscriptions to let you access more features and so on.

But if your vehicle has an app, it's best to download them and see what benefits they offer. This might help cut down on the cost of maintenance and other things you spend on, you never knew can be handled with just a push of a button.

That said, it's important to state that we at Naijauto aren't in support of using your phones while driving. However, these apps let's you use them hands free. Thus, they are recommended. But always endeavour to keep your eyes on the road and drive safely.

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Kennedy Ilediagu

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