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Are you struggling to decide on which road transport company to join for that trip?. Stress no more as this article will highlight our top 3 transport companies for 2021.


Road transportation in Nigeria is by far one of the most readily available transport options and also the cheapest. To help us better appreciate that opening line, let's consider the other means of transportation available in the country. So we have, Air Transport, Transportation by sea and lastly using the Trains. Unfortunately, the last two options are very much seriously limited in terms of availability for use by the Nigerian people. You can easily count the number of functional and standard sea travel terminals we have in-country, not to mention how the Nigerian Railway Corporation only services very few routes with large areas of the country left unconnected by rail.

Now when you mention Air Travel, you begin the consider the exorbitant fares. For example, say you intend to travel from (Calabar to Lagos) or from (Calabar to Abuja). The fare you will pay for any of the mentioned routes will be more than double the price you would pay if you went with a road transport service. Check the table below for a comparison of the transport fares of road and air transportation.

Air Transport  Fares Road Transport Fares
Calabar to Lagos (Using Air-Peace)  ₦36,000 to ₦60,000 Calabar to Lagos (Using ABC Transport) ₦12,550 - ₦12,950
Calabar to Abuja (Using Ibom-Air)  ₦34,000 to ₦50,000  Calabar to Abuja (Using ABC Transport) ₦12,950

So from the table above, you can easily see why everyone would prefer to go for the road transport option especially when the transport fares is the factor of consideration. The big question now is, which of the numerous road transports companies in Nigeria should be among your top 3 picks when you are planning a trip by road?. Well, the following section of this article will highlight our top 3 picks of the best road transport companies you should always have at the top of your list when deciding on the transport company to use for a trip.

Note: Please make sure to only patronize registered road transport companies when making your trip. The companies in our top 3 picks are duly registered companies with a track record of respect for passengers' safety. Remember that criminals are always offering unsuspecting travellers cheap roadside transports options and would then at a point in such trips get disposed of their valuables or even kidnapped and killed.

Top 5 Road Transport companies in Nigeria 2021

1. ABC Transport

Associated Bus Company Plc, also officially known as ABC Transport, opened its doors to the Nigerian public on the 13th of February 1993 as a wholly Nigerian-owned transportation company with its headquarters in Owerri. ABC Transport is the only mainstream road transport service company to be duly listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange. In fact, the company was listed on the floor of the NSE on the 20th of December, 2006.

The transport company was founded by Mr Frank Nneji, who has remained the company's current Chief Executive Officer CEO and Managing Director to date. The company currently has over 1300 employees in its books according to its Bloomberg Profile while conducting its operation in 6 different segments including,

  • Haulage Services (One of the best logistics companies in Nigeria)
  • Sprinter Operations
  • Cargo Services
  • Shuttle Service
  • Coach Operations
  • Hospitality Service and Trading

The company currently operates well with more than 500 vehicles' strong fleet, while servicing as many as 35 travel routes and destinations with about 1,200 daily trips across those locations. Among the 35 travel routes mentioned earlier is the ABC Coach West Africa Routes that include destinations in Togo (Lome), Benin Republic (Cotonou) and Ghana (Accra).


ABC transport have expanded operations outside Nigeria with their tour fleets

With this, Nigerians can travel to any of these 3 countries by road using ABC luxury coaches for very affordable fares and would only require your international passport and yellow card. Interestingly too, ABC Transport holds Gold Corporate Partner status with the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport Nigeria which had in 2015 awarded the company as the pioneer luxury bus operator. 

So clearly, ABC Transport is a leader in the road transport industry and should definitely be among your top list whenever you are planning a road trip.

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2. GIG Mobility (GIGM)

GIG Mobility formerly known as God is Good Motors began offering road transport services to the Nigerian public as far back as 1998. By 2009, the transport company which was started by Mr Edwin Ajaere began a rebranding project. This rebranding project was led by Mr Chidi Ajaere, the company's current Chairman and CEO. According to him, he wanted to give the company a new brand image and one with an international appeal, away from the local perception of transport companies being controlled by touts.

By 2015, the company had completed its rebranding effort and would unveil its new logo and model terminal in Lagos. And with its over 500 bus fleet including the new Mercedes Shuttle Buses, GIGM has remained a major force in the road transport industry in the country. At the moment, GIGM runs its company headquarters in Edo country, Benin town specifically and is likewise very visible in over 13 states across the nation with about 33 terminals situated throughout these states.


GIGM runs a fleet that includes over 500 shuttle buses 

By virtue of its top-level services, GIGM has been recognized and awarded for these. Below is a list of some of the awards won by the company in recent times.

  • Most Innovative Transport Company in Nigeria (African Center for Supply Chain) - 2016
  • Road Transport Company of the year (Transport Day Newspaper) - 2016
  • Best Land Transport Company (Institute For Government Research Leadership Technology) - 2015
  • Best Customer Service Company in the Transportation sector (Nigeria Customer Service Awards) - 2015
  • Most Efficient and Consistent Road Passenger Transport company (Institute of Transport Administration Nigeria) - 2014
  • Service Award for Entrepreneurial Contribution to the Society (Nigerian Bar Association, Benin Chapter) - 2014
  • Distinguished Gold Service Award for Excellence in Road Transport Management (Centre For Democratic Governance in Africa) - 2012
  • Most Outstanding and Fastest Growing Motor Company (Nigerian Union of Journalists) - 2011
  • Most Valuable Transport Company of the year (African Child Foundation) - 2011

3. Peace Mass Transit (PMT)

Peace Mass Transit becomes our third pick in the top 3 road transport companies in Nigeria for the year 2021. The company was formed by Dr Samuel Maduka Onyishi in 1993 during his undergraduate days at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. According to Mr Onyishi, he started the business with just two buses, and by 1999 when he was leaving the University of Nsukka, he had as many as 45 vehicles in his transport business.


Peace Mass Transit has 2,000 buses that move 30,000 commuters daily

By 2016, Peace Mass Transit already has about 4000 strong bus fleet with about 2000 of those being on the road on a daily basis. Only last year, the company introduced another 50 buses to their fleet with these buses being assembled at the newly completed PMT Vehicle Assembly Plant. This is one of the few transport companies that adopted the use of speed limiters really early. In fact, as far back as 2009, the company began installing speed limiters in their buses and according to their founder, this exercise resulted in a 50% reduction in accidents involving the company's buses.

So without a doubt, Peace Mass Transit remains a big shot in the transport business in the country and is a deserving pick for this list. So if you want to make an online booking on the Peace Mass Transit website, then the following video should do the magic for you.

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Video: How to make an online booking for Peace Mass Transit tickets - Naijauto TV


Those are our carefully researched and picked top 3 road transport companies in Nigeria for 2021. However, to get a list of the Top 10 best road transport companies in Nigeria, click on that link. 

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