Tyre blowout - 7 tools you will need to fix it


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You never know when these tools will come handy especially when you experience a tyre blowout on the road. Click here to see those 7 tools you will need to fix that!

Whether you like it or not, having a tyre blowout is likely going to happen and the better you always prepare yourself to avoid being stranded. This is because it happens at the least expected time and location. For your safety and the condition of your car, Naijauto recommed you bring along these 7 tools to fix tyre blowout or flat tyre problem.

1. A spare tyre

Without this in your car, all other tools are useless. Just pray you do not have a double blowout in two tyres at the same time. This is because most cars only have compartment for a single spare tyre. Location of this spare tyre varies with regards to the model or type car you drive. That is why some SUVs always carry it at the back while some vehicles have it underneath. To avoid drama during a blowout, always check the condition of your spare tyre.


There is always a place in your car where you can put spare tyre and other useful tools

2. Jack

This is another important tool you will need to fix a blowout issue.  A jack is used to lift up the vehicle from the ground so that you comfortably remove the blown out tyre and replace it with the spare tyre.

3. Lug wrench

You will need this tool to loosen and tighten the nuts which attach the tyre to the wheel. Regardless of the shape (either L or X shape), it performs the same function.


Make sure you always bring a lug wrench along with your spare tyre!

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4. Flashlight

Do not see this as a luxury. It will come handy especially when it happens in the night. You never know how important having a flashlight during a car blowout.

5. Reflective triangle

For your safety and that of your car, always have this item in your car. When there is a blowout, this reflective triangle or flare will act as a warning sign to other motorists approaching your car especially at top speed. It is also very useful at night.


This will signify to others motorists approaching your car to slow down

6. Glove

You will also need this to handle hand task when replacing the blowout tyre. It helps preventing unnecessary hand injury. You can get the leather glove at any auto store close to you.

7. Wheel wedge

To avoid slip over or other tyres moving from the spot where you are fixing the faulty tyre, use a wedge to hold the wheels till you finish fixing the blowout tyre.

Tyre blowout- How to replace the tyre

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