4 tips to avoid electrocution if electric pole falls on your car


Posted by: Oluwaseun Adeniji

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Do not panic or take hasty decision when your car crashes on an electric pole or falls on your car. Read this for simple tips on how to be safe from electrocution!

We cannot write off any mishap even though nobody wishes to experience such. That is why it is essential you always prepare your mind for such occurrence. What kills people in most accidents is not the accident itself but fear or taking quick irrational decision due to panic. One of these mishaps is when the car crashes on an electric pole or when the electric wires drop on your parked vehicle. Consequently, many people have lost their lives due to electrocution especially if it happens during raining season. Naijauto has come up with 4 safety tips to prevent electrocution from a fallen electric pole.

1. Do not doubt availability of current on the pole

Playing smart or acting ‘macho’ when an electric pole falls on your car will spell doom for the occupant in such car. There is possibility that there is still inflow of electric current despite inconsistent power supply in that particular area. Do not presume; act accordingly to save yourself from being electrocuted.


When electric pole falls on your car, it can be very disastrous

2. Call for help

This does not necessarily involve shouting or screaming at the loudest depth of your voice. Remain calm and stay in your car especially when the situation is not very bad that calls for you exiting the car quickly. Pick your phone and call for assistance from appropriate authorities to rescue you from such situation.

3. Exit the car when there is an outbreak of fire

When there is an outbreak of fire or smoke, it is extremely risky for you to stay inside the car. Do not panic as you attempt to exit the car. The most effective way to do this is by making sure your both feet land at the same time when you jump from the car. Move as far from the car as possible especially in case of explosion.

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4. Alert people close by

While you are trying to save yourself, do not forget that there are people that might be close to you and are unaware of the danger ahead. Alert them to refrain from getting too close so as not to get electrocuted.

Safety tips in case of downed power line

We hope the information here is sufficient enough for you to stay safe. To know more safety tips, come back soon!

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Oluwaseun Adeniji

Oluwaseun Adeniji

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