5 things you mustn't do while using learner's permit


Posted by: Oluwaseun Solomon

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While you are just a freshman to roads, please try as much as possible to avoid most if not all the things discussed in this article. See them here now!

It’s a duty for us here at Naijauto.com to make sure a larger percentage of Nigerian car owners and drivers are fully informed about as many road traffic ethicsas possible to keep them safe all the time while commuting.

Below are some of the top 5 things we strongly recommended to be strictly avoided by anyone still learning to drive;

1. Driving alone

This is the number rule of a learner that people easily forget especially after they have just concluded a driving course and had been issued their learner’s permit. Most people will just jump into the car and begin driving around town alone.

By standard, a learner is required to always drive accompanied by a person riding the shotgun at his/her side. The “shotgun” is literally the seat by the driver’s side. Also, the partner must have a recognized and valid driver’s license. Don’t drive with another learner that only has a learner’s permit like you. If the officers catch you, “I nor Know nor dey oo”, the fine is around ₦10,000.

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2. School running

Yes, this is very common with ladies. Don’t assume that since you have been giving a learner’s permit, you have gotten the right to do a school run.

Just because you have a learner's permit doesn’t mean you should risk the life of your kids by putting them in the car every morning and jumping behind the wheels to drive them to school straight away.


As a leaner, it might become really difficult to handle the wheels and your kids at the same time

We have seen many cases where some learner women will block the entire road just trying to carry out a U-turn, if you challenge them, they quickly bring out their learner’s permit but forgetting they are actually risking the lives of their innocent children strapped to the back seat of the car.

Ladies!!! Please wait till you are properly fit to drive or have a proper valid driver’s license before daring to drive your kids to school, please!

3. Ignoring your Learner’s Permit expiry

Attention all learners!!!

Every individual learner’s permit issued in Nigeria expires in just 90 days (3 months).

You are to visit the FRSC office before the expiry date to apply for a proper driver’s license. Don’t wait till you are embarrassed or fined by the authorities because you are driving with an expired learner’s permit. It will be simply foolishness to be caught with such and not even an expired driver’s license which you can still give an excuse for.

If you truly passed a driving course in a registered driving school in Nigeria then, getting your Nigerian driver’s license shouldn’t be much problem for you.

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4. Forgetting to remove/ add the Learner sign before driving

Many leaners do this if they share the same car with their partner or spouse who has already got a driving license. They may either forget to add the Learner sign to the car before taking it out on the road and driving off which is a serious offence if anything goes wrong and they are caught.


The Learner’s sign is very important and taken seriously by the FRSC officials in Nigeria

It is also not so good to forget the learner’s sign on a car being driven by an expert driver because if anything goes wrong and such a driver is stopped by the authorities, he/she will present a valid driver’s license and not a learner’s permit which will be expected.

Also, we will like to say:

If you are a learner, put more effort in learning to drive better instead of feeling yourself like “James Bond” by daring to remove your learners sign while driving.

5. Keeping your hands at 9 and 3 o'clock on the steering wheel

It can be really surprising and unbelievable to sometimes see driver learners in Nigeria keeping their hands at 12 o'clock position (the top) or sometimes at 6 o'clock (bottom) on the steering wheel. Some will even be feeling themselves by placing just one hand on the steering wheel Lol.

This is just hilarious and super dangerous because they have no idea that it's not about confidence sometimes, rather it’s about safety.

Please keep your hands at the right and most convenient position on the steering wheel while you are still a learner so that you can easily and properly control the car even if there is a sudden emergency on the road.


Stick to all these rules and you should be totally safe and become an expert driver in no time. Meanwhile, spend more time studying our Safe driving tips on Naijauto.com to become an educated driver!

Oluwaseun Solomon
Oluwaseun Solomon

Oluwaseun Solomon

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