5 things you do in sedans that should not be done in SUVs


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Sedans and SUVs should never be driven the same way because they are built differently. Check 5 things you do in Sedans that should not be done in SUVs here!

SUVs are the most common types of cars that we would be seeing in the world in this new era of cars because automobile manufacturers have found a way to make SUVs drive like Sedans and still retain the key features of SUVs that a lot of people prefer.


SUVs are steadily being made to drive like Sedans

The difference between Crossovers and SUVs have also shown that there is something about sedans that is just perfect for drivers. This is why we are telling you about 5 things you do in Sedans that should not be done in SUVs just to ensure your safety

SUVs and Crossovers are built to provide enough space and ground clearance which makes them the type of cars with the highest demand from the over 30 age group in Nigeria. Easy family movements and tackling of bad roads are the biggest advantages of SUVs in Nigeria but in driving these cars, you have to cancel the idea of how you drive Sedans to avoid accidents and damages to your SUV or Crossover.

This article has a special place in the hearts of drivers that are making a switch from a Sedan/Saloon car to an SUV. If you have an intention of buying an SUV, we also have a list of the best SUVs for you to buy.

5 things you do in sedans that should not be done in SUVs

1. Turning in corners at high speeds

There is a feature of cars called 'Handling'. This is the ability of a car to manoeuvre turns/bends without causing a body roll to the car. The handling of regular Sedans is always better than SUVs and Crossovers because Sedans are closer to the ground. 

Sports cars have the best handling. These cars can make a bend at over 100mph and the car will not tumble or lose grip of the road on which they are driving on. Regular Sedans can make bends at like 40mph but you will still feel a bit of body roll.


You can see how the Lexus SUV is bending

Body roll is when your car bends to one side while turning at a sharp bend. Which is why it is advised to always slow down at bends as it is one of the greatest causes of accidents on Nigerian roads.


Explaining body roll better, just look at the rear wheels not being on the same level

SUVs have the worst handling of all types of cars. You should always make sharp bends and turns in SUVs at about 15mph and lower no matter how fast you have been approaching the bend. SUVs can easily lift off the ground while experiencing a body roll because of their weight and height off the ground. Please be careful about this.

2. Speeding above 100 mph

If you check the sun visor of Toyota SUVs between 2000 and 2007, you would see a warning that says "avoid excessive speed and abrupt manoeuvres because this car has a high roll-over ability" but you won't find this in Sedans.


Warning sign in Toyota cars

This is a straight warning that you should not drive at excessive speeds as you would in regular sedans because SUVs are very unstable at high speeds. German SUVs, however, over time hacked this instability in SUVs and their SUVs start to be built to have more balance at high speeds.

Therefore, except you are in a German SUV like the BMW X5 or Mercedes-Benz ML350, you should not go at speeds above 100 mph. However, to completely ensure your safety, you should totally avoid overspeeding at more than 100 mphin SUVs, regardless of where they are made.

The instability comes from the fact that there is so much space under the car for the breeze to stay while the car is speeding. This breeze then pushes the upwards and any small imbalance in the car will make it tip over and tumble. 


A German SUV that still rolled over

3. Speeding on rough roads

I know an SUV was built to tackle rough roads but you should not be speeding over these roads. Due to the high ground clearance, this it makes you as a driver lose balance on the seat and it also causes a lot of discomfort for passengers.

If you drive a Camry at 40 mph on the rough road you won't feel as much discomfort as you would in a 4runner at that same speed. If you speed too much, you could injure yourself by smashing head on the glass or door panels. 


Driving the Land Cruiser slowly on rough road is more enjoyable 


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4. "Bumper to bumper" driving

There is a "bumper to bumper" style of driving that drivers do when in slow-moving traffic and this is one of the major cause of cars consuming more fuel as usual. It is worse in SUVs because of their shape and size.


Slow-moving traffic in Lagos turns you to a hooligan

When in an SUV, do not drive like a hooligan because you don't want any car entering your lane in slow-moving traffic. It makes you lose your fuel very fast and it also rocks the car's suspension so much that you start to feel uncomfortable. 

5. Letting fuel get to empty 

In SUVs, you should never allow the fuel to get to the empty area because of the way the fuel tank is built. The fuel tank is wider than that of a Sedan. This means that when it is around the 'empty' level that makes the fuel light come on, the car would be taking more dirt into the fuel lines and this can cause your SUV engine to malfunction.  


Fuel getting to empty is very bad for SUVs

Also, SUVs run out of fuel faster than Sedans so the fuel indicator leaves you with very small distance to drive before it stops, unlike Sedans. 


You can always make the switch from a Sedan to an SUV anytime you like but you should always keep it at the back of your mind that there are 5 things you do in Sedans that should not be done in SUVs just for your own safety as a driver and also your passengers. 

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