Recent techniques car thieves use to bypass modern vehicle security

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The automotive industry is improving everyday in providing better and advanced security for the vehicle, yet car thieves are getting better at it. Click here to see how!

There has been a rapid growth in technology, especially when it comes to prevention of break-in in vehicles. Also, the car thieves are also improving their game plan with modern gadget to bypass every modern security. This is why it is important to know how to curb this theft as a concerned car owner.

This is not the era when you can just smash a window and pick anything from inside or just walk up to a car and run off with the vehicle. What they do now is to find any weak point along the car’s security line and take advantage of it maximally. This would include bypassing immobilizers and alarms, which are countermeasures. Here is what you need to know about these techniques of modern car thieves and how to prevent them from bypassing your car security.

1. Cloning key fobs

When you decide to clone your car keys at the locksmith shop in case it gets lost. You would be shocked that thieves now devise method to get access to this through that locksmith, in order to have their duplicate for your car. In addition to this, booster signals are now used by thieves to use your key’s signal and deceive your vehicle into believing that the engine is turned on and front door’s authorization is granted.


Modern car criminals have devised ways to bypass the state-of-the-art security system installed on many cars

  • Preventive mechanism

The downside to this is that, there are not many countermeasures that could be prevent thief from deploying this hack. Although, many people hold the belief that when you put your key into the freezer, it would help to a certain level. The most assured way to avoid such hack from these thieves is to put your key into faraday cage, in order to dissipate every electrical signal via the fine wire cage. This would stop the boosters from working.

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2. Jamming

In case you didn’t know, car thieves could block the signal that travels to your car from the key fob. This implies when you feel your car is locked or safe where you pack it, which in reality might be sitting there very vulnerable and easily accessible to the criminals.

When you take a look at physical or online auto market, you would see many jamming devices as cheap as anything any random person could afford to buy.

  • Preventive measures

Automakers are now encouraging car owners to have double check their vehicle’s locks before leaving it, especially when you park it at parking lots. Regardless of the noise that indicates that your car has been locked, make sure you check it again to be sure.

3. Scanners

Scanning is another means of accessing an entry system of a car by duplication it via the code derived from the scanner box, which would be sent to the locking system. They might also make use of more advanced systems to get the engine started. The good news is; few people can only make use of this technique on your car. Aside this, it would have been a bit challenging since police finds it very difficult to find a way around this method.

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With this car criminals lurking around, you need to upgrade every security software installed to stay ahead of their game

The bad news is that the scanners might be on the rise in the nearest future, hereby coming in more portable versions to be hidden and used on randomly selected cars.

  • Preventive measures

It is advisable to upgrade your car to latest security software since the most vulnerable vehicles will be the older ones. We guess the automakers are also putting all hands on deck to curb any weakness that could encourage this in the software installed on their cars.

4. Outwitting the immobilizers

With just a scanning technology, lots of immobilizers’ chips could be exploited massively via their weak points. The signals between your car and the signal could be listened to by the thieves by making use of a technology, in order to get the immobilizers disabled.

  • Preventive measures

You should spare few minutes of your time and check if your car is even among those cars that come equipped with this specified chip. It is not ta permanent solution to prevent thieves but it would get you ahead of their game by knowing if they are within the local area.

It is necessary for these thieves to put their ears down to the 2 signals in order to bypass the code’s encryption. The most likely place for them to try this technique is within residential areas. So, be at alert and watchful!

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"Mystery Device" Can Unlock and Start Your Vehicle

5. Taking over your car

There are people out there who have enough knowledge and skill to take absolute control of remote navigation system in many cars via the DAB radio, hereby hijacking the vehicle from the driver. Although this technique isn’t commonly used as of now, but we should be more concerned about the future. Imagine being taken to an unknown location while you are behind the wheel with no more control over it, to be relieved of everything you own.

  • Preventive measures

There isn’t much to do about this other than avoid purchasing cars with such vulnerability if you can afford to. You can also attempt to place car’s systems in a lead box to inhibit ability of getting the difficulties with the navigation resolved.

6. Vehicle analytics

When the presence of self-driving vehicles hit the market, it would need lots of data to work perfectly, which would include much personal information of car owners. While this could be a good step to technology advancement and consumer satisfaction, it could also be a curse as many people might get hold of this data and use it against you.


Some of these criminals are experts in car hack, finding it easy to disable the vehicle's immobilizers and alarm systems

  • Preventive measures

Hopefully, many of these self-driving cars will come with option to opt out and stop data harvesting, in order to be safe while on the road.

Final take

To avoid car thieves bypassing your car security, it is very important to update yourself as a car owner with most recent trend in securing your life, car and other valuables when using the road. Be safe!

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