These are 5 things you must check before taking a long drive


Posted by: Oluwaseun Adeniji

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Checking your car tires is one of the most important things for you to check. In fact, it is not only applicable to long drives, it also applies to short drives too. What's more? Read on!

Are you planning on taking a long drive? You never know what might happen along the road and you are probably thinking out loud what you should check on the car to avoid difficulty or embarrassment that might occur on the road.

Taking a long road trip entails your car to be in perfect condition and you definitely do not want to take any chance for granted. This is why you need to read this article on these five things or parts of your car you must be on the lookout for before you set the key into your ignition. Here – your No.1 automobile portal in Nigeria for car news, are the five things you must pay attention to before you take your car for a long trip.

Car Battery

You do not want to take any chance with the car battery. You need to know whether your battery is due for replacement or not.

A good battery should have a proper lifespan of 5 years. It is wise to replace the battery when it is weak or old.

When you embark on a long drive, it is possible you park your car overnight at a motel. It will be not a good experience to start your engine and it fails to respond. You should also know that when you consistently take your car for a short drive, it weakens the battery life and reduces the lifespan.


You need a good car battery for a long drive

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It is strongly advised to ensure all lights in your car are working effectively. This will prevent you from any danger that may loom in the night. Endeavor to check all the lights in your cars such as headlights, inner cabin light, and other indicators like the engine warning light, brake light among others. it gives you the comfort of smooth driving during the day and in the night. It is also needful for you to have extra light such as flashlight or torch in case of any electrical or mechanical fault in the night.


Checking headlights and other lights in the car might be very useful especially during night driving


Checking your car tires is one of the most important things for you to check. In fact, it is not only applicable to long drives, it also applies to short drives. To avoid catastrophic especially on the highway, you need to check your tire for puncture, deflation, and firmness.

If your tire is worn out, it may skid while on motion and the implication might be very unfortunate. To avoid this, you can do a tire tread test with a coin.

Also, check if the tires are bolted well to the rims to avoid your tire coming off while at top speed. Make sure you travel with a spare tire in any case of bust. Make sure you travel always on good tires.


Be on the lookout for puncture or deflation before you take that long trip

Engine oil

Engine oil is as important to your engine as fuel for optimal performance. You need to always pay attention to the level of oil in your engine and if the oil is old, endeavor to change it with a new one. You can consult your car manual under the maintenance page on how to properly check engine oil.

First aid box

This is the first and fastest mode of treatment you can give yourself in any case of a minor accident. Make sure you have a complete first aid kit in your car. Your safety is definitely your priority and you do not know when there will be need for this to help save a life.

Remember that despite having all these things properly checked in your car, long drives requires calmness and concentration. Always be in your perfect mental and physical health before you embark on such a long trip.

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