Do not sleep inside car! Take these measures instead!

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Are you fond of sleeping in your car? You are putting yourself in harm's way. Click here to know the dangers and how to prevent them from happening!

The bedroom might be the de facto place for sleeping, but there is no rule in the world restricting sleeping to that area. A call of nature, sleep can occur at any time besides the night when majority of people retire to bed. While there are several places one can sleep in, there are a few no go areas, and a running car is one of them.

Although people sleep in cars, the mobile machines are not wired for that purpose. Otherwise, they would come with mattresses. If for any reason you need to sleep in your car, you need to take precautions. A number of things could go wrong when you doze off for just a few minutes. Read along as Naijauto brings the implications to the fore: the dangers of sleeping in a car when the engine is on and how to prevent it.

Why you shouldn't sleep in car with engine on?

1. Damaged exhaust system

The exhaust system in cars produces a substance harmful to the human body especially when the system is not in perfect condition. The effect might not be felt so much while one is awake due to the instinct to get away when it becomes unbearable. A person asleep is subconscious, and continues to inhale it until he/she is passes on. If there is no room for fresh air to come in, the harmful substance possesses the interior, and goes right into the body.


The smoke is harmful to the human body and environment

2. Carbon monoxide poisoning

The seemingly colorless substance called carbon monoxide has caused so much harm in the society – snatching the last breathe off people while they are asleep. You must have come cross stories in the news of how families were wiped out just because the carbon monoxide from their generator set found its way into their apartment while they were asleep. The same thing can happen if you sleep in your car.

The most dangerous part of it is that one cannot wake up when the damage is being done. You continue to sleep away from the world.

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3. Air-conditioner implications

The air conditioner which is probably your best feature in a car could be your worst nightmare if you are not careful. Ideally, the AC produces and regulates air in the car, keeping it cool and comfortable.

When the AC is not working properly, and the windows are rolled up, there is no means of recycling the air already in the car. The same air is being used to a point where it becomes insufficient. If you are asleep, you may not wake up to the discomfort you are experiencing. With little or no air to go round, your breathing patterns begin to suffer, leading to suffocation.


Car air-conditioner is best used while driving awake

Sleeping in a car with a sleeping engine, without rolling down the windows, is also dangerous due to insufficient air. There is no room for fresh air to flow in. Inhaling air in a confined space for long is harmful in itself. There have been cases of parents leaving their kids in the car, only to return to their corps.

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Preventive measures

One cannot be too careful when it comes to matters of safety. Do not put yourself in harms way. See a car for what it is – a medium for mobility, and not a sleeping bed. A lot of things could go wrong while you doze off for a few minutes in a vehicle. In that subconscious state, you are vulnerable and powerless. Little things that would have nothing on you ordinarily become very dangerous.

Do not drive when you are feeling sleepy. Get some rest before taking position in the driver's seat, so you do not turn the steering wheel to your pillow. You can also check our 6 tips to avoid sleepiness behind the wheel by clicking on the link.

If you begin to feel sleepy while on a long distance journey, rather than sleep in your car, it is better to step out and find a place to sleep outside. If you do not want to leave your car because you are afraid that it might get stolen, climb on the roof and sleep there instead of sleeping inside. You get to stretch your body on the roof better than you would in the car seats. But first, you need to be sure that you are not one of those who roll a lot while sleep, so you do not roll onto the ground.


If you must sleep in your car, make sure you get enough fresh air from outside

If sleeping in your car is inevitable, turn off your car engine. Do not park in an enclosed area; you need fresh air to flow into the car as much as possible. Do not roll up your windows, and turn on the AC. As stated earlier, air from the AC remains in a confined space, it can be harmful while asleep. Roll down the windows before you fall asleep to erase any chances of suffocation.

Inspect your exhaust pipe to be sure that there is no leakage to prevent harmful chemicals from getting into your car.

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Chris Odogwu is a Content Writer and Journalist. He holds a bachelor's degree in Mass Communication from University of Jos and a master's degree in Mass Communication from University of Lagos. His works have been published in top local and international publications including Forbes, HuffPost, ThriveGlobal, TheNextScoop and Nigeria360 among others. A member of the Nigerian Institute of Public Relations (NIPR), the thrill he gets from writing about exotic cars feels almost the same as riding in them.




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