How do you know when an engine is worn out?

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An engine is literally the heart of any vehicle and a worn-out engine can leave you stuck in anywhere at any time. See indications of a worn-out engine below!

An engine is a very crucial part of any vehicle and when faulty, it can make a vehicle stuck at anywhere and anytime. recommends that every driver and car owner should take immediate action once your vehicle’s engine starts giving you signs and indications of a problematic engine bearing. Please note that we are referring to the main bearing or rod bearing anywhere in this article you see us mention “engine bearing”.

When you start your car, are you hearing some noises? Below we have listed and discussed some of the most common signs of a worn-out car engine.

1. Knocking sounds of the main bearing

You would be hearing some knocking type of noises from your car if it has an engine bearing issue. You would also notice that even while you keep the engine running this knocking noise will still persist. It will be a clear indication of a problem with your vehicle’s main bearing if this noise continues that way for longer period of time.

2. Sounds of a faulty rod bearing

You should know your vehicle has a faulty rod bearing if you are hearing a type of knocking noise that sounds like striking a piece of tin or aluminum when you accelerate the vehicle.

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3. Warnings of a low oil pressure

Using a gauge or paying attention to the dashboard warning light, you can detect when you have a low oil pressure problem.


Low oil pressure might result in more serious consequences for the engine

Some cars have low oil pressure warning light while some have an oil pressure gauge. You might also pick clue of this problem from clattering noises sometimes rather than relying on gauge or warning light. You will hear some clanging noises if the vehicle has an oil pressure that is too low.

4. Smoke and fumes

Smoke is by far one of best ways to diagnose the status of a vehicle’s engine. Smoke from a vehicle’s engine mostly comes in various colors such as: black, blue and white, and each of these colors convey different meaning respectively.

  • White colored smoke

A blown head gasket or damaged cylinder head is what white smoke coming from an engine indicates. You should repair the cylinder head soon to stop this type of white smoke.

  • Black colored smoke

Black smoke being exhaled from an engine isn’t really an indicator of any replacement rather is a sign that repair is needed.

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Black smoke from an engine indicates some repairs are needed

Too much fuel and little air are the reasons why your engine will be exhaling black smoke. Black smoke can sometimes be an indicator of a major trouble with the engine, although this is very rare.

  • Blue colored smoke

Blue smoke emerges when the engine oil burns. The damage occurs when the oil is going beyond the sealing surfaces.

5. Sudden power loss

Wear and tear are the main cause of power loss sometimes in a vehicle. A component’s failure is mostly the cause of a sudden power loss and this should be looked into as soon as possible.

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How to know if an engine is bad

Generally speaking, engine issues are not so pleasant to face but ignoring them could be really dangerous. An engine will mostly give some signs and indicators when it has problems and these signs should be diagnosed and attended to quickly. It could save you a lot of time and money if you promptly attend to any sign of an engine problem rather than ignoring it and waiting till the problem becomes a major one.

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