Short people's Driving challenges & Solutions

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Short people struggle with having full view of the road while driving. This challenge and others make driving difficult for them. See how to overcome these challenges!

Being short is a challenge on its own. We live in a world where the physical appearance is given so much attention. For some reason, tallness is the standard accepted by many people.

If you aren’t privileged to be so tall, you have to face some ridicule and rejections from people. As if that isn’t enough, there’s also a challenge when it comes to driving.

Having clear view of the road is a prerequisite for effective driving. Due to the way cars are constructed, your upper body has to be high enough to have full view of your front and sides. Unfortunately, short people aren’t able to do this comfortably. But they have to drive to be independent. So, what exactly do they do about it?

All hope isn’t lost; has a way out. If you happen to be in that category, there are certain techniques you can use to overcome this challenge. Not only will you be able to have full view but also be able to enjoy your ride!

Some cars are so high, it makes you wonder if automakers don’t consider those who aren’t so tall while manufacturing their cars. Someone who is less than five feet is bound to experience difficulties while driving most cars. It’s up to them to find a way around it.

Here are short people driving problems and our suggested solutions!

1. Hindered vision

The front of the car is one area that a driver needs to have full view of. You need to see where you are going, and carefully navigate the road. How can you do these things effectively when your vision is curtailed?

When your sitting position in the driver’s seat is too low, your fender bends when you either park or pull up behind another vehicle.

Modern cars have different designs from older ones. In older cars, the steering is positioned higher on the dashboard. For short people, the steering becomes right in front of their eyes. So, you have to be mindful of the steering too.

Suggested solution:

The best solution in this situation is to go for a newer car model that comes with adjustable steering and seats. You can easily tweak them to a favorable position. Stuck with an old car? Add a cushion to the seat to gain some upper body height.

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2. Effect of the scorching sun

Due to the height of short people in the driver’s seat, the sun hits them severely. This is worse especially when the sun is out. It can be very discouraging to drive at this time. Unfortunately, you can’t stop the sun from shinning, so you have to devise a means to beat the discomfort.

Suggested solution:

Get a visor cap, and wear it whenever you have to drive in the sun. It can be adjusted in any directions, blocking the sun from getting to you.


Car manufacturers often prioritize designs that favor tall drivers

3. Position of the headrest

Headrests are installed in cars to serve as protection for drivers against accidents. This very important instrument works against short people due to its position. Rather than rest on it, you have to bend in an awkward position just so you are able to see the road well.

Bending your neck while driving can lead to neck injuries even when there’s no accident.

Suggested solution:

This problem can be avoided by getting a car with adjustable headrest. You set it in a position that’s comfortable for you. Another option is to create a customized one for yourself at your local garage.

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4. Suffocation from seat belt and shoulder strap

Using the seat belt and should strap isn’t convenient for short people. If care isn’t taken, you might be exposed to serious complications. The shoulder strap lays on your neck, creating a tightening.

Suggested solution:

Get a seat belt adjuster to save yourself from this trouble.

Bonus: Best car for short drivers

Getting a car suitable for short people is the best remedy to the challenges discussed above. Subaru Forester and Luxurious Lexus LS are cars that fit perfectly. Other options include BMW 7 Series, Acura RLX and Lexus ES among others.

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