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Posted by: Oluwaseun Adeniji

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Taking long trip could be exciting. Yet, it could expose you to crime-related activities on the road. Click here for security tips for road travellers in Nigeria!

As the most populous black nation in the world, Nigeria is blessed with loads of talented and creative people. Yet, you cannot rule out the presence of those who takes solace or survive on crime. There is naturally an urge to compete for available resource with the ever growing human population in the country. So, it is not far-fetched from reality if crime rate also increases. There is always a constant movement of people across the road networks within Nigeria, using all forms of transportation. Many at times, stories, videos and pictures were shared of people who encountered different forms of robberies on the road, or other kinds of crime-related activities. Road is unarguably the most used transportation route in the country. This is a more reason why different kinds of activities happen right on the road.

Here on, we will be sharing with you important security tips for road travellers in Nigeria that will prevent you from losing your valuables to these road criminals whenever you are taking a long trip from one place to another within the country.

1. Update your vehicle’s documents and driver’s license

To avoid any kind of delay that could expose you as easy target for this hoodlums on the road, you should ensure that all the documents needed for verification on the road are well up to date and complete. Road criminals usually use different forms of delay on the road such as barring of bad roads, traffic, law enforcement officers or even routine checks from road safety officers to rid the travellers of all their valuables, including their lives at times.

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Get all required documents and readily available in your car to avoid being delayed on the highway

When your documents are complete, you will have less of a worry since the routine check shouldn’t take more than ten minutes. When these officers notice any irregularities with your documents, it would take a lot of time and might turn you to a sudden victim to these criminals since the road safety officers are mostly without ammunition to protect you.

2. Always lock the doors, window and avoid unnecessary stopover

Make sure the windows are winded up; doors locked and a bit of space for ventilation if your car doesn’t have a functioning air conditioner. This means, you might allow some air to enter but it shouldn’t be too wide to prevent any form of forceful entering or opening by the criminals on the road. If you need to make a stop to buy few things on the roads, do it at safe spot. If possible, get all what you would need at the market before you embark on the long trip.

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Always be vigilant at hawking spots along the road when embarking on long trip

3. Keeping it simple

You should avoid attracting unnecessary attention for a safe travel experience. Refrain from unnecessary altercation or argument as this could be a technique used by these criminals to dispose you of your properties. Avoid drawing crowd to you unnecessarily when you engage in some forms of verbal exchange of words on the roads.

4. Engage more in daytime travelling

The most perfect time for road criminals to perpetuate their evil acts is at night. This time will provide them with less chance of being caught by road security or law enforcement agents. When you engage in night travelling, it exposes you and other travellers around to danger. This doesn’t mean they don’t carry out these criminal activities during the day but they usually love exploiting the darkness that looms at night.

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Avoid night trip as much as possible. daytime is the safest time to travel

If your journey entails travelling for more than a day or long our night driving, you could as well take a stopover at city center and proceed with your journey when the coast is clear. You never can tell, your vehicle could break down in the middle of nowhere in the dark, which makes you a perfect target to them.

5. Avoid unnecessary picking of passengers by the roadside

This has put a lot of people into trouble in Nigeria, especially along the expressways. You can only pick people along the road if you are operating a commercial transport business. For private car owners, you should value your safety and that of loved ones by not endangering them while picking random people by the roadside, out of nowhere. Criminals love using this humanitarian and benevolent gesture of good Nigerians as an opportunity to cart away with their valuables.


You could put yourself to big trouble by picking up random people by the roadside in deserted places

6. Refrain from publicizing your travel plans

Always keep your travel’s plan to yourself and possibly, your family members. Not all road kidnapping or other crime-related activities are done randomly. Some are carried out based on the information supplied to these criminals about your movement.

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In as much as it could be a bit difficult to be totally safe on the road, especially on deserted road in a long trip, it is much advisable to move with as few valuables as possible. It is very unsafe to move around or travel with huge amount of money or expensive valuables.

Transport union should also ensure commercial buses for long trips are in perfect road condition, to prevent breakdown of vehicles in an unknown or quiet location. This could expose the passengers to a lot of dangers.

Please, stay safe!

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Oluwaseun Adeniji

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