10 safe driving tips in Nigeria to get home safely


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Aside from the road users' awareness, the road conditions are a factor that makes driving in Nigeria is very tricky. Read 10 driving tips in Nigeria now!

Driving is a universal skill. People own and drive their cars everywhere in the world. However, driving in Nigeria has its peculiarities. Our environment is different and our people are different. Therefore, you need some extra information when it comes to driving in Nigeria.

While it is true that no one has a hundred percent control over the circumstances and events that occur on the road, it is possible to minimize the risk that poor driving or roads can pose to you, your family and your vehicle. Check out those 10 driving tips in Nigeria to bear in mind.

1. Assume that you're the only normal road user

Yes! This is the first tip. It is usually the first thing that you are supposed to learn while driving. Do not expect that every other user is normal and so always be alert and prepared for anything. Some drivers are up to no good and do not value lives or properties.

This is the honest truth. Some other people are angry; angry at the government, at the country, at life or for whatever reason and so they are not bothered if they hurt others in the process. This assumption helps you to be more cautious when you are driving on our roads.


Taking part in the traffic means you assume anything might happen as not all are good drivers

2. Ensure your car in good condition as always

There are so many factors on the road that you cannot control. But this one is within your power!

  • Check fluid levels (the brake fluid, the engine oil, etc).
  • Check your tyres.
  • Have a regular maintenance schedule of your vehicle. When last did you service your vehicle? That Nigerian spirit that would not allow you service your car until it breaks down should be far from you!
  • Please have good headlamps! Please!! Do not go about driving a vehicle with only one or no headlights at night.

I once saw a driver using a lamp as his headlight. What is that?  Biko, ensure that your car is in good condition.

3. Assume that your car is the only in good condition

Once your car is in good condition, assume that yours is the only one in good condition! The reason is so that you would not take any action that would completely leave you at the mercy of another car. For all you know, that car might have no brakes! It might just be a disaster waiting to happen.


Accidents don't exclude any road participant

4. Know when to reduce the speed

Driving at high speeds can be cool and fun. It can also be deadly too. If your car is in good condition and the road allows some speed, please move, but within limits. Several of our roads are narrow, do not speed to a point where if anything happens, you cannot control it! Life is priceless! Road Traffic Accidents are one of the leading causes of trauma and death in our hospitals in Nigeria.

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5. Learn how to navigate potholes

Pothole navigation should be a course taught in Nigerian driving schools, honestly. They are everywhere! We have shouted and advocated for road repairs, but before the government deems it fit to do something about it, please learn how to drive when they are present. Steady your car and put potholes in the center; know the ones that are not too deep that you can enter. When it is raining, locate danger spots that can easily sink your car and avoid them.

Video: How to Drive over Bad Roads and potholes like a Pro | For new Drivers

6. Do not argue with security operatives

Wos, wos, wobi (Look here) if you go on arguing and you are shot, well that might be the end. No matter what is done, your family would forever remain hurt. Your loved ones do not have a replacement for you. Get home safely. Avoid confrontation with anyone. The rate of police shootings and ‘accidental discharge’ has been on the increase. Always carry your complete papers and then do what they ask you to do and move on with your life.

In case there is even a misunderstanding, you can be firm and persuasive without being argumentative, think about it!

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7. Put on your seatbelt

As simple as this is, the seatbelt can save more lives. Look at this: Someone not wearing a seatbelt is more than 30 times likely to be ejected from a vehicle in a crash.

I think the statistics show that the seatbelt was put there for a reason.

Wait wait, this is not a matter of Hard guy, hard guy. Just wear the seatbelt! It is only people that are alive that get to drive!

8. Phones and driving don't go together

As we said at the beginning of this article, you must try to always minimize the risk of anything going wrong while driving. When you are calling or chatting, your attention is divided. What if another driver suddenly drifts into your lane? Remember we said you should assume you are the only sane driver on the road. Please use hands-free devices if you must pick the call. Avoid chatting altogether! It is only the living that chat!


Research suggest phones are the most distractions while driving

9. Avoid driving too close to tankers, trucks, trailers and the likes

This one should be very loud. See, as much as possible, put some distance between yourself and these kinds of vehicles. Those truck drivers sometimes seem to think they are superior to every vehicle on the road and so they can be very careless and ruthless in their driving. You play safe. If you can overtake, do so and move far away. We have had incidences of tankers carrying petrol falling and causing explosions, killing almost everyone nearby.

10. Night driving should be avoided as much as possible

This might be possible sometimes, other times, you are just going to have to hold your nerves and drive through the night. Traffic can be that bad sometimes. But then, our roads are not so safe during the day, you can imagine how they would be at night.


Night limits the vision while it is also when drunk or reckless drivers come to action

Know the areas where your windows have to be up; You should try to keep your gadgets from view. Tinted windows have a very good advantage here. Know your Nigerian road signs very well, so that you follow them and always know what to expect and also reduce the risk of being arrested.

In summary, safety is a duty of every one of us. Keep yourself safe and other road users too, as much as you can. Always bear in mind those 10 driving tips in Nigeria.

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Testimony Olajire

Testimony Olajire


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