Safe driving tips for asthma patients


Posted by: Oluwaseun Adeniji

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Asthmatic attack can happen at any time then lead to ghastly accident. If you or any passenger on your car suffer from asthma, follow these safety tips to prevent serious consequences!

Asthma attack is not what you want to experience while driving. I personally do not recommend AC fitted car for asthma patients in Nigeria but there are many dusty roads and continuous exposure to this dust increases the possibility of falling victim to such attack. The importance of these tips is to prevent any catastrophic attack that may befall you or other occupants of your car when the attack is so uncontrollable and you end up losing your concentration and grip of the steering wheel. In worst case scenario, it may lead to death.

Here on Naijauto are the safe driving tips for asthma patients.

1. Always be with your inhaler when driving

The very first thing you need to do is to always hold your inhaler when driving. You never know when it will happen. So it is wise to always prepare for the worst. This will help to ease the discomfort that this attack might give you.

2. Always be sensitive to time of occurrence

It is not an overly statement that asthmatic sudden attack can lead to ghastly accident. You should know the symptoms and time of the year you are prone to it. When it is about happening, do panic. Halt your engine and allow fresh air through your window.


Experiencing sudden attack while driving can be very catastrophic

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3. Take your drugs

It is good to always adhere to the medication prescribed by the doctor if you are an asthmatic patient. These drugs can help you avoid the possible occurrence of that attack. Make sure you take it regularly or at interval depending on the recommendation of medical personnel.

4. Keep distant from trigger

One of the most effective ways of combating this attack is to keep a safe distance from what can trigger it. One very notable is dust but allergy differs in individual traits. Make sure you use leather seat in your car and rubber foot mat so as to help curb the traces of dust in your car.

Video: How to prevent asthma attack

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Oluwaseun Adeniji

Oluwaseun Adeniji

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