Safe driving tips during Ember months in Nigeria


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September-December are seen in Nigeria as dangerous months for travel. Sadly, many can't help a trip or two in this time. Get safe driving tips to do so with style!


Transportation is a veritable vital tool for the progress of any economy, because it is the only means through which producers and consumers exchange goods and services, and so thrive in business. In Nigeria, the months September through December are known as a period of hectic activity on roads. Peolple use this end of year period to engage in business, and travel to visit loved ones living far away.

The higher demands for travelling is, the more likely road accidents happen. That's why Naijauto brings you here safe driving tips during Ember months in Nigeria!


Following a safe road guide will keep you and your family safe in the months ahead

Unfortunately, as they move from place to place, unforeseen occurrences come their way as accidents constantly happen. The result of these accidents have claimed many lives and damaged a lot of properties. However, you can easily ply the roads safely during this period by avoiding some of the usual causes of these road mishaps. This tips will help you if you obey them strictly.

Driving mistakes you must avoid during Ember months in Nigeria

  • Overloading

Don't overload your vehicle, wether it is a commercial bus or a family minivan. Many drivers place their safety at risk by overloading their vehicles. Overloading vehicles does not only increase the pressure on the suspension and other vehicle components, but makes it difficult to steer the vehicle safely when challenging road conditions come up. It also causes the tires to overheat, which increases dangerous chances of failure or blow-outs.

Again, it drives the brakes to do extra work as  the pressure is more than normal. It could then lose its effectiveness to stop the car when the need arises. This singular misbehavior does not only put the driver at risk but also the passengers and other road users.

  • Over-speeding

Excessive speeding is a leading cause of car accidents that greatly increase the risk of death or injury for motorists. Over-speeding is a category that encompasses two different types of behavior. The first is driving at a higher level than the approved speed limit on a particular stretch of road. The second is driving at a speed that is too high for the safe control of the vehicle, given the condition of the roads. Not only does over-speeding cause crashes, it also leaves serious injuries to people involved. Particularly, over-speeding is more likely to cause death when the road is wet.

Alcohol is also a major factor in many speed-related crashes. Over-speeding often results from negligence, and it can be a major cause of accidents. You could try installing a speed limiter device like the FRSC has been advising drivers to do.

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Over-speeding is one of the top killers on Nigerian roads 

  • The indiscriminate use of siren by the political class

Much of the city’s noise is unnecessary. The political class in Nigeria use their sirens in a way that can wake even the dead. So, when a driver in a vehicle three cars ahead is unsure of where the sound is coming from, it causes him to try to swerve the car to leave the road for a safer place. While doing this, it might result in a collision with other oncoming cars or even other pedestrians.

When you hear a siren, do not panic. Slow down, find out the source of the siren, and carefully make way.

  • Late night road travelling

This is a major cause of accidents, and is a habit you ought to stay away from these ember months. It is a very dangerous journey because Nigerian roads are full of potholes that even very careful drivers can’t escape from. During the day, they are not even motorable not to talk of night-time.

Another worrisome thing in this is, even at night, the visions of most drivers are weak. This prevents them from taking note of road signs, broken vehicles or abandoned ones. On another note, traveling by night can increase the risk of encountering security challenges like kidnapping and armed robbery.

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Avoid late night traveling as much as you can, instead leave a day before you need to be there

Also at night, the passengers may not be able to control their drivers, not because they can’t, but because they are not in good position to do so. Most passengers sleep off immediately their buses zoom off so they are not aware of what is going on in their vicinity or in the car.

  • Distractions while driving

Another habit you must avoid these months is being distraced while driving. Distractive activities include texting and calling while driving, playing music too loud, and any other thing that takes your mindand eyes off the road.

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Texting and driving is not just dumb, it will get you arrested

  • Reckless driving of commercial vehicles drivers

Some drivers are very reckless while driving. They see themselves as the kings of the road, so they park, stop and swerve the car indiscriminately, and funny enough, they involve themselves in a car race to know who the senior or junior is. While doing this, they mistakenly hit pedestrians who are crossing, traders or even bystanders. This can result in grave injuries or even deaths. All these acts are very dangerous to road users and needs to be looked into if we want people to be safe. If you are travelling by a commercial bus, try to make sure it is a line with a proven record for safety.

The implications of these have put the road transportation at greater disadvantage than advantage. For example, presently, in some parts of Nigeria, the number of deaths that are caused by road accidents is greater than that of insurgency. This is happening at a very alarming rate.

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Recommended safety measures for Ember months travelling

To ensure every Naija individual when travelling in Ember months suffers least risk, people of all classes should consider these following approaches.

  • Road users must be enlightened through campaigns to jettison the spiritual belief that ember months should be dreaded.
  • Road users must ensure that their vehicles are road-worthy before, during or after the ember months to prevent road accidents.
  • The political class should desist from using sirens to show-off, flaunt their influence and positions, harass or scare other road users.
  • The employers of drivers and transportation companies should ensure that their staff and drivers go on trainings on how well to use the roads, and also acquire safe driving skills.
  • Government on their part should try to fill up the potholes on the roads.
  • Travelers can also explore other modes of travel such as air and rail. 


Rail transportation is now a valid option in Nigeria

If all these are followed adequately, they will keep people safe in the remaining months of the year and even beyond.

>>> You can always get safety tips and maintenance information on

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