5 tips on how to keep safe while driving as Bolt driver


Posted by: Juliet Onyeachonam

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Bolt is one of the ride-hailing apps that are favored by many private drivers to earn good money. This article exposes how to keep safe while driving as Bolt driver in Nigeria.

An average Bolt driver is exposed to a variable amount of risk on a daily basis. Risks associated with being on the road and risks of getting involved with the wrong people posing as riders.

Over the years, there have been reports of Bolt and other ride-hailing service drivers who have been attacked or even murdered by passengers with motives other than getting a ride to their destination.

Staying safe in the line of duty is everyone’s concern. This article will address the risks an average Bolt driver faces in the line of duty and how a smart driver can mitigate against them. Read on for a full briefing on how to keep safe while driving as Bolt driver.

Although at the end of the day, there is no guarantee that you will never find yourself in a really precarious situation as a Bolt driver but these under listed measures can help you stay safe and also escape getting hurt or even killed by passengers or others who are up to no good.

1. Use your best judgment

Your first job as a Bolt driver is as a risk assessor and to be successful on the job, you need to employ the power of perception to access the amount of risk your potential customer pose to you.

You can have an inkling of your passenger by their dressing and mannerisms. Going a step further by engaging them in small talks can also help you assess if the customer you have in your car is a noble character or a criminal with other motives other than a ride.


Use your best judgment when dealing with suspicious passengers

Even way before picking up a passenger from a pick-up point, you should pay attention to their undertone while speaking with them on the phone. If you perceive something suspicious, you are probably right and should use your best judgment to handle the situation. In such a case, you can either cancel the request or be extra cautious when you turn up for pick up.

You should also be wary of picking up suspicious-looking passengers late at night e.g. two suspicious-looking males, as late nights are the common times for riders of questionable characters.

2. Do not stop for any reason at questionable locations

Even though it is true that a passenger might have a need requiring you to make a quick stop in the middle of a trip but you have to be extra careful to ensure that it is not a setup.

Such situations are when your sense of judgment comes in. You have to use your sense of perception to judge if the passenger’s request is an honest one or one with an ulterior motive.


Never stop on lonely routes or questionable locations to avoid getting robbed or attacked

For instance, you should be wary of a rider who asks you to stop for them to answer the call of nature in any location or point where you don’t feel safe. As a matter of fact, stopping at a different location where you feel is safer is the best thing to do. The passenger could have his syndicate standing by and ready to lay an ambush at the location where he wants you to stop.

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3. Be polite

Part of how to keep safe while driving as Bolt driver is to be polite! The importance of this one cannot be overemphasized. You could literally save your own life by being polite. No need to be rude to your passenger because you might not know who your passenger is and what their temperament might be.

You speak when you are spoken to especially when you perceive that your passenger could pose a threat to you.


Always be polite to your passengers

Since you are going to be driving with a lot of people from different cultures and backgrounds around town, it is important that you abide by the civil code of being tolerant of different cultures, religions, races or ethnicity, and even sexuality. Your only business is to deliver your service, get your money, and move on with your business.

4. Maintain your car in great condition

This is Nigeria and anything could happen. However, it is important that you do not contribute to the ugly situation that could happen. With that in mind, it is wise to always have your car in the best condition to avoid breaking down while on a trip, especially during night hours.


Maintain your car in good condition to avoid sudden break down

Imagine your vehicle breaking down after 8 pm on Lagos third mainland bridge! That is you putting yourself and your passenger in harm’s way as areas like that are known to be walked by miscreants at ungodly hours.

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5. Use the SOS button for emergencies

Bolt in a bid to secure the lives of its drivers and passengers works together with the Lagos State Emergency Management Agency (Lagos) and FRSC National Operations Control Centre (Abuja). The SOS button is a button designed to get you help or out of trouble in the event of an emergency.

However, let's agree that you can not use the SOS button to get help in the case of a flat tyre but you can use the SOS button to get help if you or your passenger is having a medical emergency requiring urgent help such as a heart attack or in the event of an accident.


Remember to use the SOS button during life-threatening emergencies

You can also use the SOS button if you are being attacked by hoodlums. Depending on the type of emergency, medical or security help would be immediately deployed to your location.

In conclusion, safety is everyone’s business. But more importantly, the responsibility of ensuring that you and your passenger stay safe rests on your shoulder as the driver. Therefore, we suggest that you pay heed to this submission of how to keep safe while driving as Bolt driver in Nigeria to help you stay safe.

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