6 must-know safety rules of opening car doors


Posted by: Odoala Chukwuemeka

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It comes with an opinion that there is nothing much simpler than opening an automobile door but in fact, drivers must follow some safety rules to avoid accidents. Check those rules below!

Many drivers still underestimate hazards when they step out of their vehicles, leading to lots of tragic accidents annually. Understand that, Naijauto team today would like to introduce you some tips to open the car doors safely to save you from unintentional problems!

1. Have a look around

Regardless of entering or exiting a car, you must carefully take a look on surrounding areas. It is widely advised that you not only use your door mirrors but also your eyes for observation as the door mirrors have some blind spots which can’t show you the full areas.

Besides, never forget to slowly open the doors to avoid incoming objects.

2. Open the car door properly

People often underrate this step since it’s such a simple technique, but there’re still some notes to know. On opening the car door, you should use your left hand to hold the handle and the right one for pulling the trigger. On the other hand, this process requires strong patience to completely control the car door and avoid unexpected breakdowns.


You should use your left hand to hold the handle

3. Get out slowly

Slowly and stably getting out of the car not only helps you to well react with sudden situations but also sends a signal to other vehicles. Many drivers expose slow reactions on the route and your movement of opening car doors suddenly undoubtedly challenges them. So, don’t be hurry. Instead, just take a small space at first, and then widely open the door as roads are clear.

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It’s advisable to slowly open the car door

4. Give others a warning

When carrying some people on your car, especially kids and old ones, it’s crucial to warn them to hold their position before you reach the destination. As they don’t get the safety rules, their sudden movement may jeopardize yourselves and surrounding vehicles.

Therefore, you should step out first, then open the doors for them to better control such a situation.


Get out of the automobile first, then open the door for your passengers

5. Find an appropriate parking slot

This step helps to prevent your car from unwanted damages. A wonderful parking spot should be large enough for you to completely open the door without any impacts.

Of course, you must slow down your vehicle before reaching such a parking slot.

6. Modify the distance

Obviously, your car would be damaged due to your reckless door opening action when you have it parked in a narrow slot. So, be wiser to modify the distance between your vehicle and things beside before you open the door and go out.


Always open your car door in the moderate distance when parking in a narrow slot

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Odoala Chukwuemeka

Odoala Chukwuemeka


Odoala Chukwuemeka is an automobile content writer at Naijauto.com. He loves every machine that moves and hence has a deep passion for cars and the technological marvel behind them. He's also driven and inspired to create informative articles detailing the nitty gritty on several car models in Nigeria. His other hobbies include poetry, photography and Shotokan Karate.

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