Basic rules of car parking every driver must follow


Posted by: Oluwaseun Adeniji

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Always park your car in a way that wouldn't endanger the safety of other people plying the road. Check out the 05 things you should note while parking your car!

Parking your car is simply to halt and disengage it for a particular period of time. Though the action sounds simple, yet it may pose serious threat if not done properly.

If it is inside your compound, you can decide to park your car as you deem fit especially where only you is staying. The main point is; you shouldn’t use your parking to make life unbearable for other people. Here on Naijauto are 5 things you should note while parking.

1. How to park

Before you even think of parking, make sure you take a look at your mirrors in order to be on the lookout for other road users. Ensure that you indicate your desire to stop. Do not forget to check mirrors to evaluate the position and speed of traffic at your back. The bottom line here is showing your intention either through moving or manoeuvring, which could represent speed or directional change.

Make sure you switch off your car engine before leaving. Always engage your parking brake. If you have features on your car such as antitheft devices, make use of them. Refrain from exposing valuable things to the outsider through the car window. Another thing you should learn to do when parking your car is putting off the headlights to conserve your car battery in the night. Only deploy the parking light when required.


Avoid DOUBLE PARKING for others to find enough space to drive through. Your car isn't safe either

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2. Where to park

"NO PARKING" is one sign you shouldn’t overlook when finding space or place to park. Avoid parking at places where your vehicle would pose danger or obstruct the movement of other motorists. Avoid parking at places like narrow bridge, bus stop, bends, pedestrian crossing, foot path, crest of a bridge and other entrances such as school and so on.

3. Don't let your parked car to obstruct traffic signs’ view

When you decide to block motorists from seeing what lies ahead of them with your parked car, you could expose them to lots of dangers. Do not obstruct them from knowing what the traffic signs might say about a possible road change or even road end.

How To Park (The Secret You Have To Know!)

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4. Stay off emergency entrances or exit

Parking your car close to hospital entrance especially where emergency vehicles pass, is very unwise and definitely not a good thing to do. This doesn’t only apply to hospital. It applies to entrance of places like fire station, fire hydrant, police stations and even road side clinics.


Stop parking your car where you would be blocking someone else's entrance

5. Do not park to obstruct traffic flow

Stop narrowing the road with the way you park. This implies parking beside a parked car or even close to road works. Avoid double parking.

When you park wrongly, you are not only exposing to your car to an unwanted dent to the car, but you are also denying other people their safety while plying the road. Learn to pack properly for the safety of all.

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Oluwaseun Adeniji
Oluwaseun Adeniji

Oluwaseun Adeniji

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