Reverse Parking with ease in that cramped Car Park: Steps to help you!!!


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Lots of accidents involve backing up the car from the parking lot, which urges us to write this article on how to do reverse parking easily and safely!

A whole lot of us especially people who are new to the driving thing, find the whole car reversing stuff to be a bit too difficult, not to mention Reverse Parking. However, Knowing how to reverse park a car is such an essential and important driving technique every driver must try to master to help him/her navigate small spaces in car parks and cramped lots. Because of the seeming difficulty associated with reversing and reverse parking, numerous myths surround this topic, but in truth, reverse parking is obviously the safest and best parking technique to be employed in a parking lot and in some scenarios.

Why You Should Choose Reverse Parking

Research has shown how dangerous parking lots can be and has already listed out 3 reasons why you should perform it in this post. In my own experience, I have seen an extremely nasty crash even in a very spacious parking area that would have been absolutely avoidable if the driver had reverse parked his car. The number from accident research across the world shows that parking lots contribute a significant number of accidents recorded. In fact, a report by (IIHS) shows that car park crashes contribute 20% accident events to the numbers recorded, which is a considerably significant figure and a cause of serious concern.

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Dangers of Backing up on to the Road

Often, most drivers will choose to drive into a free space in a car park without considering the inherent danger involved in backing into the road when trying to leave the park. A 2014 Research report showed that over 15,000 people got injured from accidents resulting from backing into the road.

We might say that cars now come with more sensors and rear cameras, but it still doesn't rule out the huge danger that is associated with backing into the road while trying to reverse out of a parking space. Moreover, so many factors might hinder the proper use of these facilities and some cars don't even have them installed, this further increases the importance of Reverse Parking when you find a free space in a parking lot.


There is a real danger of this occurring when you back up onto a busy parking lot

How to go about Reverse Parking

Reverse parking can save a life and is the more reason you should always apply this technique when slotting your car into a free space in a parking lot. Reverse Parking into a free space might cause a bit of gridlock if other cars are around at that time, but please be rest assured that the same gridlock will definitely occur when you're trying to back up in the road when other cars are around.

In fact, the dangers of backing on to the road become more apparent as you are likely to damage someone's car or even crash into pedestrians. So reverse parking is the way to go especially in car parks and on tight sideways.

Steps to reverse parking

The following steps should help you when you performing reverse parking. However, we advise that you try this in car-free areas with the assistance of others before trying this out. VIO might require you to perform this task during the Driver's License Road test, make sure to try this technique out with your driving school instructor before going for the VIO test. Our recommended steps are as follows;

  • Make sure to always watch the area around you by employing your side and rearview mirrors along with rear cameras and sensor signals all the time.
  • Choose a free space you want to slot your car into.
  • Make sure your car is about 4-5 feet away from the front bumper of the cars beside you.
  • Drive forward such that the front end of your car is just ahead of the second car parked away from the parking spot you have chosen or make sure your shoulder is somewhere at the center region of the second car or second car space from your desired parking space.


Reverse Parking Tips

  • All the time make sure you're looking around you for cars and pedestrians.
  • Turn your steering wheel to a lock towards the side you intend to park in.
  • Put your car to reverse mode and gently step on the gas, but all the while keep looking around you for oncoming vehicles and pedestrians.
  • Carefully and slowly reverse your car into the space making sure to check for the parked cars to avoid damaging other cars.
  • Make sure to utilize your side and rearview mirrors as well as rear cameras and sensors.
  • Once you have entered the spot, return the wheel straight to let you enter the space and stay in line with other cars parked. Keep an eye on the level of your car's nose and those of other parked ones. You can measure this by looking at the bumpers. Once done, straighten you tyres properly and turn off the engine.

Before I forget, remove all valuables from view and properly secure your vehicle - no matter how short you will be away for. With this few reasons and tips on why you should enter a parking space with your rear, you have nothing to worry about when you enter a spot.

Video: REVERSE PARKING SIMPLIFIED| Method 1 || Toronto Drivers

Safety Tips to Keep in Mind when Reverse Parking

You should seriously consider the following safety tips when performing reverse parking. But first, we expect that you are already fastening your seat belt, if not make sure to strap it in already;

  • Make sure you are always looking around you for cars and pedestrians to ensure that you do not damage people's cars or crash into unsuspecting pedestrians.
  • Carefully utilize the facilities available to you like the side and rearview mirrors, as well as your rearview cameras and sensor signals.
  • Make sure you are at least 4 feet away from the parked cars.
  • Put your transmission to reverse mode.
  • Step on your gas gently so that you do the reversing as slowly as possible.
  • Make sure to watch out for kids around your car area as they can be so unpredictable with their movement. Don't hesitate to call for help with the children if necessary.


You must always watch out for playing kids every time to trying to reverse

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We are sure you will take a different decision the next time you drive into a parking lot and you will approach your next Reverse Parking with so much confidence and ease. We have other very insightful tips for you here on Naijauto like tips on how to reverse park a car above, make sure to check them out.

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