Why you should enter a parking space with your rear?

Posted by: Kennedy Ilediagu

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Among the most difficult skills in driving is parking! This article is meant to tell you why you should enter a parking space with your rear, or in other words, applying reverse parking!

In the past, drivers park their vehicles in the craziest and most difficult manners. This is not only because they weren't professionals, but because they felt it would be difficult to steal a car parked in a tight spot. In as much as they are not entirely wrong, it isn't so right either. Not only are you going to make it difficult for yourself to drive out, but you also risk hitting a pedestrian or even another car.

To prevent this from occurring, it's only right that you park correctly. What is the correct way to park? - backwards! Backing up your vehicle into a parking space saves you the stress of reversing carelessly when it's time to drive out. Whether you're at a mall, at home or school, this method will drastically reduce the possibilities of accidents. To explain further, here is why you should adopt reverse parking!

1. It's easier to back in that to back out

Let's say you intend to park in the last car space on a busy street beside a bank or school, you will need to do it without causing a traffic jam. If you enter with your rear, your front tires are made to turn to make maneuvering easier. These tires in front enable your car curve into space.

When driving out as well, all you need do is turn on the vehicle, drive forward a little and turn your front wheels towards the direction you're headed and zoom off. But this will be difficult when you want to drive off after parking your vehicle with the front deep into space. In that case, you'll have to reverse completely into the road. Then turn and drive off. If the road is narrow, the angles you can turn are a lot slimmer and you'll spend more time reversing and driving forward before your car faces the right direction.

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2. It's safer to park with the rear deep in

Entering the parking space with your rear is safer. This is because you're more likely to see what's ahead of you when you're driving out. Imagine parking with the front in, and while reversing to drive out, you run into a child, a trolley, or a vehicle driving past. Not only will you get injured and other people get injured, but you'll end up spending money to fix your vehicle.


Proper parking can save you time and troubles

Keep in mind that while entering backwards, you still have a vision of the road - just the same as when driving off. Asides keeping you safe, back parking keeps your vehicle more secure. Any thief trying to break in will be seen easily by those on the road as he'll be facing them most of the time. But if parked with the front deep in, he will be backing the road - making it difficult for passers-by to see what he's up to.

3. Easy access to your car and engine

If your vehicle has an issue that needs you to pop the hood and check the engine, how will you do that with the front directly near a wall? It's more stressful to access the engine. But when it's facing the driveway, you have just enough space to open the bonnet. Furthermore, you have a shorter distance to cover when you wish to get into the vehicle. This comes in really handy in times of emergency. The time you'll spend reversing can cause more harm. Let's leave out where you need to rush to. What if there's a robbery where you are? Who do you think will drive off faster? You parked with your rear inside or someone who needs to reverse first, turn, and drive?

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Kennedy Ilediagu

Kennedy Ilediagu


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